10 Funky Faux Fur Jackets To Get You Through The Rest of Winter


If you’ve ever done the cha-cha slide, I need you to read the next line in that key- “We’re going to get FUNKAY!” If you’ve been following my blog and style over the years, you may notice I always come back to one thing- outerwear. I’m attracted to it in an {almost} unhealthy, borderline obsessive way. I see coats and channel Pokemon- gotta have ’em all! It’s something about the dramatic statement a coat can make, it’s like your armor. I understand many want a practical coat to get them through the season so they lean towards a traditional black version of some sort or possibly a neutral tan or gray. I stand behind your decision for a more wearable piece of outerwear as you can totally change the look by adding in accessories. HOWEVER… what about when you aren’t being so practical? When ya know, you just want to live a little… or a lot?

Today’s post is for when you are ready to live it up by way of your coat. I have some experience in this area and let me tell you, a coat that commands attention will make you feel stylish and bold and it will make the staples you’ve been wearing all season go from ho-hum to hay hayyy!  Here are some of my faves:


From left to right {clockwise}

Faux Fur Bomber $83 | McQ Cropped Multi-Colored Faux Fur $760 | Sweet Dreams Faux Fur Coat $170 | Pink Collarless Faux Fur Coat $36 |  Rihanna Faux Fur Color Block Coat $148 | Faux Fur Capelet $90 {yes!!! a capelet!!!}


Not a coat but when I saw this while I was curating this post I knew for the price alone, I had to include it! This dreamy, drapey vegan suede vest is uber chic and on sale for $39! Get it here.


You may have noticed the utility parka showing up pretty much everywhere as of late. I am rocking mine in the introductory photo of this post. This hybrid of street – meets utility-finished with a splash of glam seems to be a winner amongst many tastes so, I of course had to give you some options here. I am actually super sad I didn’t see these with the color faux fur before I bought mine because they are so damn fly!

Pink- Lined Utility Parka $98 | Camo Faux Fur Lined Parka $140 | BlankNYC Faux Fur Parka $178 | Catskill Parka $286

PS- these are all faux fur so ethically you can feel good about them and it keeps the price down as well, while still being full glam!

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