6 Feel Good Resolutions For The New Year

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Call me an eternal optimist but I get a smidge disappointed when I see those memes saying “Screw that new year, new me bullshi%” or along those lines. Don’t get me wrong, I completely agree setting unrealistic expectations for yourself is probably the worst thing to motivate you to do and/or be better with our proverbial clean slate- however, we both know if you scroll let’s say 6 years back on Facebook, the photos and the statuses tell. it. all. Cue cringing. You have changed and thank God you did! I for one am glad my level of year round bronzeness has been brought down to a respectable level 3 instead of my once level 12- sitting on the equator glow 😉 . Change is good, extreme pressure is not. Somewhere in between those two places is the balance I am seeking to find and achieve in 2017 and I hope you’ll join me.


Learn To Meditate

I drive on the Garden State Parkway during rush hour more than I would like to admit- with that being said- mama needs some zen. I’m thinking the second time around for this resolution is the charm for me! Restoring my mind, body and soul through meditation was on my list of goals/resolutions for 2015 but I never really got there. I know that this is a secret to success that so many who achieve a lot in life give credit to. Aside from the proven track record meditation has among the best in business, I want to make this practice a regular thing for me to help me find clarity in our ultra busy, digital world and to truly find some calm moments among the chaos. Any tips my readers have to make this a habit please leave in the comments section or connect with me on social media. I found this article helpful as well as this book, 8 Minute Meditation both seem to simplify the process for a beginner like myself. Hoping to make this an everyday thing and will keep those who are interested posted!




Stop Over Extending Myself

It’s a gift and curse, people! I love helping and doing and connecting but LAWD have I let this get out of hand. I never saw a need for downtime. I see 18-16 hours that I am awake and I fill those hours with werk, werk, werk, werk and an event for networking and volunteering and grabbing a drink with someone I haven’t seen in a while, gotta make dinner from scratch #eatclean and doing a load of laundry and maybe I should get the car cleaned and…? OMG when I started telling you my list it was Monday and now it’s Wednesday. YUP. Saying yes to everything and figuring it out later is a good idea in theory if you don’t have a lot of things going on. But that person who doesn’t have a lot going on is the unicorn in this scenario. We are all over-scheduled, overbooked and left feeling guilty for the few things we did have to say no to because we physically couldn’t be in two places at once. Although it will pain me to have say no a few more times than I am accustomed to this year, I know it is for the best. I can’t give the best of me if there is nothing left to give. Leaving a few minutes each day and a two hour slot on the weekend, if not more, to rest and recharge is actually making it’s way on to my schedule. I feel like this will be the toughest resolution to keep but I know the benefits will make me stick to it.

A great article pertaining to this here.


Print Out More Pictures

Hi my name is Tiffany and I am digital hoarder. There, I said it. Life was so much easier when I would drop off my Kodak disposable camera at CVS and a few days later pick up actual photographs- 10 or so that were completely useless because you had no idea what you were shooting at but I still loved picking up those envelopes full of memories. Those were the days. Even if my current photos aren’t the most fantastic, frame-worthy gems I still want to print them out and put them in a physical album. That’s the goal. And with the resurgence of the instant pictures having a major moment you have no excuses there. We had a great time using the Fuji Film Instax Mini 8 at my friends Chrismakkuh Party in December.




Send More Happy Mail

Do I even need to explain this one? In a mailbox full of depressing bills- PSE&G why can’t you just be down with me paying you in smiles and rainbows? Also, I thought I went paperless? Happy mail is what I live for. My love for pretty paper and chic stationery combined with my love for spreading a little happiness and connecting with others makes happy mail an easy “must” for me in the new year. I am going to try to get away from relying on text messages and emails to do what a card or little mailable surprise can do so much better.

Card via Thimblepress | Ring via Aaraa Accessories



Work My Mind

I can’t complain about much when it comes to running my own business. Yes, there are parts that suck but as someone with a very sassy tone once said to me- that’s why they call it work, honey. MMM kayyy. Even when you love what you do, like a sweet, baby puppy with huge doe eyes, they still need to be potty trained. One of the things I miss most about office life- since my company is still mainly just me, is continually learning. Higher ups and colleagues, whether they wanted to or not were always handing out nuggets of goodness at my previous jobs and they helped me grow and evolve. When you work for yourself there just seems like there is no extra time to learn something new. And even those who work for someone else I am sure can relate with the other million things going on. As a form of self higher education- working my mind on something un-business related is a goal I want achieve and finally mastering Español is what I have decided to go for. Eeek! This is another resolution from previous years but I feel like I want this bad so, hoping that drive lights the way.

I will fill you in on this program I am trying, I got it because it is only 30 minutes a day and it is listening- no need to be in front of a computer. Great for those who want to try to learn while in a car or walking etc. Pimsleur Method.


Travel More

This feels like the biggest oxymoron of a resolution as someone who has a new home that is less than six months in our names and we have renovations planned for it. The challenge this year is to YOLO while being responsible. We took some amazing adventures in 2016 and I don’t want that to stop just because we spent our life savings on the casa…! I will be dishing on small affordable trips we will be embarking on while also giving you a peek into our home renos! Hahaaaa already sounds so crazy where is that meditation book when you need it. Also, do you know of any buses that go to Italy 😉 ? Grazie!

So there you have it. I am sure we have quite a few goals in common. Or maybe you have succeeded in one or some of these areas already? Let a sister know! Share here: @TiffanyPineroStyle on instagram |@TPineroStyleon Twitter |\TiffanyPineroStyle on Facebook!

 Of course I will be filling you in, in droves on the many ways to add style to your life but I wanted to start things off by styling myself this year from the inside out with these feel-good resolutions. Happy New Year, lovelies.