7 Stages of Wardrobe Grief

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Happy new year dahhhhlings! There has been a hiatus on the blog, and hopefully this is not the only place you keep up with me so you know where I have been. If this IS the only place you see me, then HIIIIII! I hope I look skinnier and have a gorgeous glow since the last time you saw me. But let’s be real that’s Impossible. It is January and well, I just stopped eating 3,000 calories a day for two weeks straight on Monday.

Anyways! It is good to be back. There is a ton I want to cover this year and I am excited to bring you all along on the journey. I have been doing lots of Wardrobe Rejuvenations for clients the past few weeks so they can start the new year not only in style but with an abundance of confidence! Best feeling eva! In doing so I have been revisiting The Stages of Wardrobe Grief with them and thought it would be fun to go a la BuzzFeed and share these with you. While also finishing off with some specific tips to get your closet in shape if you can’t have me come over and wave my magic wand.

1. The Reality of This Is It

The struggle is more real than ever. Out of eleven Christmas gifts you received, four actually fit and were your taste. It’s currently January 6th so you’ve worn them all. Let the aimless hanger shuffle commence.

sex and the city carries closet


2. The Pity Party- Why Do I Buy These Things

Because when you look in your closet you don’t see possibility, you see a pile of a slacks only a gentlelady would rock, a sheer shirt you never figured out how to wear and a dress that more than vaguely resembles aluminum foil. 

Oprah crying gif


3.The Anxiety Attack because Bit#%es

You stress out so much over putting something cool looking together for fear when you show up to a social event this is a reaction you will get when someone scans your outfit. 

And why didn’t you think to adhere butterflies to your bicep? huh? Not being creative!




4. It Is What It Is So– You Go With What You Know

You’re trying to keep confident in your every day staples but even those could use a little update.

mom jeans gif


5. The Mother of All Curve Balls– Mother Nature 

It’s not enough you constantly feel like you’re bringing a knife to a gun fight with the wardrobe you have to work with but then you have to dress for -18 degree windchill. With this week’s cold snap it has become an extraordinary task to look remotely human let alone stylish. 



5a. Thanks to Mother Nature’s Dennis the Menace of a nephew, el niño, people in Southern California are 

contemplating buying Hunter boots!


6. You’re Done. YAH DUN.

You’re so ready to burn your whole closet to the ground; that dress from college {which really needed to go anyways} belts, shapewear– errrythang. Arrivederci!



7. But Then- You Found Knope… I mean, Hope

Between tips from the blog and the best of the best nestled in my new book “Werk Your Wardrobe” you don’t need to set your collection of items on fire and start again, you just need to have a style strategy. So in turn you can have a sweet victory dance in honor of your major fashion success.

leslie knope


So here is where to start! Before you even go into your closet, take some “you time” make a vision board {physical with magazine cutouts} or a Pinterest board {digital, endless black hole of things you don’t have the patience to create} and only put things you 1000% LOVE on it and work with your lifestyle. The objective will be to make this board a reality.

Then it is time to compare what is on the board to what is in the closet. If there is a HUGE difference, do not throw everything away immediately, just get rid of anything you would rate under a B+ but know that when shopping the vision on that board is who you want to be. If you pick up one more item because it was on sale and not because it fits the style you dream of– like my grandma Gladys always did, I am going to chase you with a wooden spoon. Have a clear vision of what will make you happy style-wise in 2016 and that is truly the beginning of the best version of you in the cloth.

Here comes the shameless plug but I swear to you it is worth it- cause you’ll WERK IT. You’ll put your thing down flip it and reverse it. I SWEAR. My book goes into great length on how to really create a strong wardrobe foundation from the closet out. I also show you key ways to maximize garments that you most likely already have in your closet!

Here’s my little baby.

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