A Dream Nursery For Our Dream Girl

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Photography by Lauren Anzevino

So, this is my favorite place on the planet. Oia, Greece comes in a close second but this little, quirky shaped room is truly my favorite. A room that once was wall to wall carpeted with an intense turquoise rug turned into a space that our girl can bloom in.

{Everything you see in these photos is linked at the bottom of this post}

We only had 5 weeks notice, and when we finally came to terms we were going to be brave and prepare the room it was 4 weeks {we spent a whole week should we or shouldn’t we and I just trusted this was our time} that we were going to be parents to a baby girl. We decided it would be mayhem if we did this once we returned to our house, which was two weeks after the birth, I went straight to work. I thought this was going to be so difficult. I hadn’t even let myself dream this far before. What would the nursery for our child look like? And knowing it was a girl!!! Dear Lord give me a seatbelt because I was about to go buckwild. I had previously designed a baby girl’s nursery for my client Justine {post here} earlier in 2018 {at the time this was August 2018} and I adored the way it came out. I had no idea how I would make this different.

I treated myself like I treat my clients, I started to make a few inspiration boards, one black and white {black and white is always my favorite color combination for homes but I try not to always run to it} one with no pink at all, and one with mostly modern touches and some color. The last board is this room you see here. Once I saw the energy from the elements I knew this would be a room that provides a feeling of positivity and hopefully nurtures her imagination.

As luck may have it, we had just had the floors redone throughout our upstairs in March so thankfully we did not have to rush to get rid of the terrible turquoise number. For once we were ahead of the game. I told myself you don’t need to have the whole room done, just get a crib, a dresser/ changing area, a rug and a light. LOL said myself. My adrenaline was PUMPING. I whipped up this combination of things in 2 days. I could barely sleep I was so excited/ inspired. And all the things came together so seamlessly. Everything that could be ordered was ordered and just like the remaining 3 weeks until Lumi’s arrival, we waited.

George and I ended up painting the room together. It was just something we wanted to do ourselves. We are not great at it so, just don’t look at the edges, Lumi. We went with Statuesque by Behr. It really brightened the space without being too white.

In my mind I knew I wanted something behind the crib, wallpaper or a big piece of art or something of that nature. I also knew I wanted two statement areas, a place for reading with lots of books and a spot on the wall for her #OOTD {outfit of the day}.

Other things to note- The book sleeves came in a natural color so I stained them to match the bottom of the rocker. The custom lettering for the two statement areas was created by my friend Nicole of West Sheridan. I actually adhered them to the wall with hot glue! The “Who Runs The World” artwork was a gift from my sister for being her Maid of Honor in 2017. I was saving it for my future office but it ended up being perfect for this room! I had it matted and framed via Michaels. And the floral mural came from an artist via Etsy who is in Poland- isn’t the internet amazing! The mural came in 3 pieces and while I wanted to hire a professional to install it because I wanted everything to be perfect, what nesting mama to be doesn’t? There just wasn’t any time. By the time it was actually completed and delivered we had to leave in 2 days to be close by for the birth. So the evening it arrived in the mail George told me he would help me install it. Now, I praise my husband for many things but his help installing this is not one of them. In his defense- part of our house was built in the 1950’s and the back of our house is a more recent extension. This room is from the 50’s and the wall is slightly warped making putting a mural you measured exactly for a true test of one’s patience and anal retentiveness. After several hours, lots of adjusting and readjusting- I got it perfect while George watched from the rocker. {Don’t be sad George, you can’t be good at everything! But I can 😉 } A true testament to the quality of the material the mural was printed on- it really handled all the peeling and resticking and looks fantastic. And if you have walls that are newer construction you should have no problem! That mural makes the whole room and now that Lumi is older I see her always staring at it, running her fingers over it. It makes my heart happy.

Ok, enough of the back story- come on in and take a tour!

Room Items:

Babyletto Crib $299 |Art Deco Dresser and Topper $999 | Blush Cotton Rug $299 | Watercolor Abstract Wallpaper $68 + depending on size |Modern Globe Chandelier $552 | Mid Century Modern Rocking Chair $306 |Faux Flokati Stool $99 |Gold Printed Faux Cow Hide Pouf $69 | Framed Print Pink on Red $199 | Who Run The World Art $12.50 | Round Brass Mirror $59 |Flamingoes via TJ Maxx | Custom Crib Sheets $49 |Natural Book Shelves set of 2 $80 | 36″ Laminated Wood Shelf $8|Handmade Crepe Flowers $30 Book Nook and Outfit of the Day lettering custom by West Sheridan

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