NJ NYC Fashion Stylist Wardrobe Stylist Tiffany Pinero


photography by Jennifer Casson  

Granddaughter of a wedding gown seamstress and daughter of an event designer, creativity practically pummeled Tiffany from birth. Her first memory of truly taking an ensemble and making it something special was Career Day in the third grade. She had a vibrant floral pencil skirt with matching blazer {which of course is in most 3rd grade wardrobes} and with the help of her mother they created the perfect “interior designer” get up complete with mule heels, paint swatches and cut outs from the home section of the JC Penny catalog. The outfit was well received with all the teachers fawning over the spot on details and even the school principal saying “I had to see this”. It was from that moment on Tiffany recognized the power of creating a look.

The focus switched from interior design to fashion design and styling when Tiffany attended the Fashion Institute of Technology where she earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts. Alongside school she volunteered at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, which eventually turned into assisting stylists on both commercial and editorial fronts, helping her learn the tricks of the trade, while creating a few of her own. After six years of freelance styling on the side, while balancing a full time corporate fashion job, in March 2014 Tiffany took her styling business full time opening up more opportunities for new personal wardrobe clients and businesses. Tiffany’s passion is not only making her clients and brands that she works with look good, but truly feel the effects that raises their confidence in the best way possible. She specializes in bringing out the elements that define an aesthetic and creating a stress free experience for everyone but herself 😉 Tiffany aims to leave those she’s worked with feeling like she’s waved a magic wand and opened their eyes to the true beauty that was always there, it just needed professional polishing.


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