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Mens Style Inspiration How To Stack Bracelets For Summer

We’re creeping on the halfway point of the season and this is where things start to get tricky. The shirt that had a novel appeal when you purchased it as a summer staple around Memorial Day is slowly losing its luster. Shake things up with a guest appearance by a stack of something serious. A touch of arm candy isn’t just for the celebrity set anymore. {move over Johnny Depp} Whether you add a beaded number to a watch for a bit of character or blackout having a full-blown bracelet bonanza, one thing is for sure, with all access accessories no one’s looking at that shirt anymore.

Mens Rocker Inspired Bracelets David Yurman Ad

A basic crew neck tee can channel rock royalty with a mix of leather and detailed metals.

Mens Summer Style Perfectly Stacked Bracelets

This look is not for the faint of heart. You need to know what you want out if life to reach this level of style. Do you know what you want out of life? Is it to wear as many bracelets as you can before you cut your circulation off? Then, go forth you bold soul.

Simple Manly Arm Party Mens Summer Accessories

If you’ve never worn jewelry a day in your life you’ve got to take this slow. Perhaps you don’t come in guns blazing with a full on arm party and instead you do a quaint dinner for two.

Mens Stackable Bracelet Styles for Summer Armed and Awesome by Tiffany Pinero

1. MeeCreation 3mm Genuine Braided Bolo Leather {$58} 2. Tod’s My Colors Braided Leather Bracelet {$225} 3. David Yurman Weave Bracelet {$295} 4. Compassion Wood, Ebony, and Lapis bracelet set {$49} 5. MeeCreation Braided Leather Bolo with Stainless Steel Clasp {$58} 6. MIANSAI Savoy Leather Bolo {$75} 7. NIALAYA Skull Bracelet via Farfetch {$540} 8. Topman via Nordstrom Skull and Stone Bead Stretch Bracelet {$16} 9. Chan Luu Mix Beaded Single Wrap Bracelet {$65}

From preppy to rebel, to lover of luxe to trendsetter and even the minimalist, there is a way to style this for every taste. Don’t be afraid to mix metals, the fun is in the unexpected juxtaposition.

Alright fellas, I’ve given you what you need to take it to the next level. Go make me proud.



7 Responses

  1. Seth

    Been waiting to get bracelets like this for quite some time, it’s just finding the best one at the right time and price…I mean who wouldn’t wanna pay $200+ for these!? Almost found them in Canada…leave it to me to find them in another country. Quick tip, you can also find AWESOME bracelets like these at your local street fairs as well!

    • Tiffany Piñero Style

      I 100% AGREE! I just can’t share links to street vendors 😉 Etsy is as close as I can get to supporting handmade like that. I really like the two I featured from Mee Creation {via Etsy} considering they are real leather for a good price. There is something out there for every budget, for sure. Thanks for checking the post out Seth, def share pics when you find a few and stack em up!

  2. Jen

    They have great leather bracelets at Platform too! Totally Unisex!

  3. m

    omg can you find me a man that looks like the one in the b/w photo?
    come to my event tues!!! i can intro u to them!


  4. m

    you’re awesome! know i already commented but just stopping in cuz i miss you! can’t wait til your work dies down so we can hang!