At Werk! Styling Jamie & Dave’s Engagement Shoot


Over the weekend I had the pleasure of styling this awesome couple, Jamie and Dave for their engagement shoot. As you can see from the few photos I featured here, shot by JP Elario of Elario Photography Inc {who happened to be my engagement /wedding photographer!} they were in excellent hands. We also had the help of my fantastic friend Kristyl Newell of Kristyl Newell Beauty for Jamie’s hair and make up, can you say bomb squad! We blew this session up in the best way possible.

I will say engagement shoots are not something I style that frequently {although this fall I will be styling 4!} as many people don’t see the need in having a wardrobe stylist. Just like having a hair and make up person lending their expertise, that’s what I do. I live wardrobe. I’m in and out of these store so much I am an emergency contact for some of these sales managers. OKAY, I am kidding there, but you get the point, I have my finger on the pulse of what’s available and what could be on your body. So when you book your session, if getting dressed has never really thrilled you, consider it a return on your investment of the beautiful photographs you are anticipating by working with a fashion stylist.

SO from my point of view what goes into this you ask? And how can you plan your looks like a stylist? Keep reading my dear Watson.

1. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, it starts with location. The surroundings that you’re shooting in will set the tone and help give your looks a theme. I really would advise on location scouting aka talking a walk through the area you are in shooting in, prior to shoot day to note some key spots and really get a  feeling for that area.

Having shot in Dumbo specifically, I knew the energy this shoot was going to have and that was a helpful guide as I helped Jamie and Dave create the three moods for their looks; Casual cool, Sexy siren and Timeless glamour, or as they knew them “the first look”, “the second look”, “the third look”. haha

2. Go through your wardrobe first! If you follow me regularly you know I am huge advocate for wearing what you freaking own! What the heck, it is in your closet for a reason. Get crafty, make an outfit with that.

I met with Jamie and Dave twice before the shoot. Each time for an hour and a half. The first time I went through each of their closets and pulled looks from what they owned and made about 50% of the wardrobe for the shoot. Once it was apparent what holes needed to be filled outfit wise, it was much easier to shop for each of them with a focus.

3. Buy with wearability in mind. Now obviously for something of this caliber it is totally justifiable to add in a couple of new things but you have to keep in mind your personal style and where you will wear this/these pieces again. Especially since I would highly suggest tailored clothing for a shoot like this{tailored clothing obviously shows your shape nicely, but it also does a lot of the posing for you due to its good construction. ***When you wear flimsier materials you really have to be conscious of how you’re standing/moving} and that can be expensive to purchase for one time use only.

When I met with Jamie and Dave the second time I had them try on the full looks including the new pieces I acquired for them and we made sure everything was as perfect as it could be. In that second fitting we noticed certain things didn’t fit right or decided to add in some layering pieces. For an event like this, preparation is EVERYTHING! It is so nice to roll out for a shoot and know for the most part {because my goodness does the universe love to throw a good curve ball} you have it under control. And if you don’t, Bloomingdale’s is only a quick 17 blocks away for you to sprint and get a back up dress. {YES, this happened. That’s how the stunning red dress came to be 1 hour before the shoot!}

4. Umm this goes without saying, HAVE FUN! Once you are in this moment, this is it! Make the most of it. Channel good energy, feel the love… it will show up on camera! You are no longer allowed to worry if you picked the right dress or if a hair is out of place, the minute the first click of the camera sounds you need to own it.

And as you can see… that is exactly what these two did! Beyond a pleasure to work with them on such a personal project. If you simply want to see more of this beautiful shoot, head over to Elario Photography’s Blog.






Outfit Details Jamie:

White Shirt / Jeans /Frye Boots: Jamie’s own

Fur Vest: H&M

Red Dress: Bailey 44

Jewelry from red look: House of Harlow Black Resin Cuff Bracelet // Deco Earrings

Black Dress: Nightshade Shift Dress 

Black Shoes worn with both dresses: Calvin Klein Vivian Sandal {I told you I make everyone get them! THE BEST! So comfortable!}

Outfit Details For Dave:

Plaid Shirt/ Lavendar Shirt/ Suit/ Drivers: Dave’s own

Jeans: Johnston & Murphy

Jacquard Sweater Jacket: Banana Republic

Tailored Fit Chambray Blazer: Banana Republic

Ludlow Spread Collar Shirt: JCrew


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