Blazer and Ripped Jeans Outfit

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Photography by Lauren Anzevino

How we doing fam? Hope everyone is hanging in there! Back in March right before we locked down- we actually, we literally shot these on a Saturday {3/14} morning and that was my last rendezvous out in the “world”. That afternoon we lockdown. Since then we’ve been bored in the house, in the house bored as the song goes. But it actually hasn’t been boring at all. With a tiny human opening EVERY drawer and cabinet and emptying them out with no rhyme or reason there is always something to do! I have been operating my business on very minimal hours as well while balancing momlife so yeah, happily {most of the time} there is always something to do.

I wanted to share these outfit pics because once they let us emerge from our bunkers with our deeply rooted hair, overgrown eyebrows and nubbins for nails- can you tell I am missing my beauty professionals desperately? Let’s make getting dressed feel good and not like a chore. When I styled this look my feelings were everyone has some rendition of this combination in their closet. We all likely have a blazer and denim. A few extras I added in were my headband and knotting my tee for a more casual feeling.

Style Notes:

What makes this feel fun is that the blazer isn’t so corporate and it’s an energetic color. The link is listed below. It is currently 60% off however it is final sale. I bought it back in October so it’s last season but I will definitely be wearing this for years to come. For reference I normally wear a size Medium 6/8 on top and got this in the size 8. Fits nicely with a little room.

These jeans! I have had my eye on them for a while. They looked so cute on the model but I take that with a grain of salt since my body type is quite different. My biggest draw to them was the rise and the second was the giant cuffs you can make when rolling them. These fit like real denim jeans, not a lot of stretch if any. I normally wear a size 28 and these were true to size. The fit in the tummy and thigh while being baggy-ish from the knee down. I felt they hugged the bum nicely while not giving me a saggy boyfriend jeans butt.

Now a bevy of shirts could have gone under this, a silk camisole, a chiffon blouse or even a tissue turtleneck but there’s no more relaxed feeling than throwing a graphic tee in the mix. This one is from Deen Boutique– a small business run by an amazing mama here in New Jersey just a few towns over. We are actually doing a giveaway this weekend for a few gift cards to her site so make sure you check out my instagram page for more info!

As for accessories- you are probably tired of seeing me rock this headband. I got it as a gift last year and wear at least once a week. It’s just a saving grace when my hair is a hot mess which is almost constant. These earrings! I scored these from another great small business close to me, The Beauty Lounge in Summit NJ. I took a close up with this in a different outfit and will post soon but just check out this store’s instagram- they have stunning jewelry and accessory finds! My bag is a few years old but that envelope style goes with so much. And the shoes have been in the rotation for a while as well but are shockingly still available online and on sale at that! So happy shopping if you need a few updates. THE JEANS ARE A MUST!

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Outfit Details

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Blazer with Gold Buttons |Look-a-like Pink Blazer |90s Mid Rise Jeans the ones I am wearing | Look-a-like Ripped Jeans | Graphic Tee| Striped Headband |Black Sheer Pump | Look-a-like Pump | Envelope Clutch | Earrings

I hope you are safe and well and getting ready to be let loose! Your closet will be getting its shine again in no time. Keep in touch on instagram @TiffanyPineroStyle and follow me on to easily shop my looks. xo

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