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Photography by Erin Quigley 

One of the main reasons people seek out my services- they say they are in a rut or as I have coined it, a style slump. That magic feeling is gone for the wardrobe you have and you don’t know how to get it back. Rekindling that spark might not be as difficult as you thought. Granted there are many variables that effect why your collection of items may not be werk-ing for you- one major factor many suffer from is you simply don’t wear everything you own because of a preconceived notion of what you should be wearing. You know what I mean- when you show up to work in an above average ensemble and everyone asks if you’re going on an interview or you dress up for drinks at a friends place and they ask “are you going somewhere after this?” Umm no. I am here in all my fabulousness just. for. you. 

So, today’s look was based off a simple principle I put into place two years ago when I started to work for myself, I’m only allowed to wear jeans 3 days a week. That still seems like a lot of days to wear jeans but I like that more than half my week I force myself to step up my style game simply because I know I own plenty of great pieces that look like I put in more effort, than when I wear denim. There’s the key word- “looks like”. And as a walking billboard for my brand- what I “looks like” at least from an outfit perspective, is something I need to be aware of. So, here are a few simple tips to keep in your back pocket that will lift you out of a style slump and help you couple up the fabulous pieces you have in your closet. OR will make it easy to add in an interesting top such as this.

  1. Work With Separates– meaning tops and bottoms- and bottoms not being jeans. If you don’t have a lot of bottoms to work with shop for a great neutral pair in a navy blue or slate gray. Just adding in one pair of sleek trousers in one of these colors will give your tops so much more versatility.
  2. Take 20 minutes over the weekend and try on your pieces. See what works with what. Sometimes you need to zhush your garments by tucking the front of a shirt {the messy tuck} or cuffing the sleeves or swapping a mid-rise pant for a high waisted trouser. And if you realize a lot of your shirts would look better with something high waisted but you don’t own a pair- well you’ve found the next thing you should be shopping for; instead of whatever trendy thing catches your attention while scrolling on instagram 😉 {haha I am guilty of that too!}
  3. Be Prepared! – iron 4 shirts/pants for the week and put them on a hanger in the closet if you don’t already do so. I find the biggest hang up for me when getting ready in a hurry is not having enough time to press my clothes.
  4. Make It Feminine– I think a lot of the times women shy away from doing separates as outfits is because pants {aside from skinny jeans etc} don’t feel so sexy. Showing a little ankle, pairing a sleek pump, adding in some sparkle via jewelry or all of the above, are ways to feel feminine while wearing something with masculine touches.






Tiffany-Pinero-Wardrobe-Stylist-NYC-NJ- Long- Shirt-Trend-For-Fall



Outfit Details:

Long Sporty Top $39 | High Waist Silk Trousers {old from Theory} look-a-like here $39 look-a-like here $48 | Schutz Gilberta Pump in Oyster $170 | Yellow Bag {sold out from Zara earlier this season} The Must- Merona Faux Leather Tote in Yellow $37  The Lust- Balenciaga Papier $1465 | Chunky Solid Chain Link Bracelet and Earrings from Aaraa Accessories call to order | Pave Chain Link Bracelet $125 | Mirrored Sunglasses $50

A new season is approaching and I want to see you werking that wardrobe! If you use these tips, you know the deal- let me know! Share here: @TiffanyPineroStyle on instagram |@TPineroStyle on Twitter |\TiffanyPineroStyle on Facebook!


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  1. So…I have to wear a suit pretty much every day and I am SO BORED with it. This has inspired me to possibly mix and match and try to jazz up my look with some other feminine details, as your blog suggests. Thanks, Tiffany!!!

    • Sorry for the late reply! Suzanne I LOVE hearing this! Suits always look so fierce in my opinion but I can understand how everyday it can lose it’s empowering luster. Definitely play with different shirt fabrications, subtle prints and yes- the details! Jewelry, scarves, shoes depending on the way you mix them up can give it all a new feeling. Thanks for checking the post 🙂

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