Cracking The Whip On Your Closet

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Like it or not January brings that surge of refreshment both metaphorically and usually weather-wise. Currently though, I had the sunroof open yesterday? {Wahhh Global Warming is real} anyways- With the new year and our goals to be better, I thought I’d assign a chore for you to start things off in the wardrobe department the best way possible. It is time for THE PURGE.


Step 1: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

In the words of my girl Whitney- How will I KNOW? I have encountered many people who finding purging to be the more difficult part of the project for fear they may get rid of something they will need down the road- or a piece will come back in style. Unless the thing you are considering getting rid of is authentically vintage, chances of you being on the same style wavelength when it comes back in style are slim. You are not wearing your old, Hot Topic choker for this 90’s revival. You are going out and getting one that is indeed a choker but a little more modern and streamlined instead of being so goth and scary. In reality though. you may need to edit down that wardrobe and getting rid of mediocre or flat-out bad pieces is the first step. When I work with clients one on one, this is how the first hour of a Wardrobe Rejuvenation session is spent. I have the client make a pile of garments, shoes, and accessories they are questioning and leave only things that score a B+ or above, in your opinion, in the closet. {And really make sure you go through everything so future purging/editing is much easier and more efficient.} This means what ever is in the closet is super strong and you love wearing it. Getting through the pile is easy by asking yourself these questions:

-Does it fit?

-Is it in good condition?

-Does it go with my current style?

{more on how to figure out your current style at the end of this post}

-How do I feel wearing this?

-Would I admire someone else wearing this?

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again and again- it will likely be written on my tombstone; Fit is everything! If it fits and is flattering that is the beginning of an outfit that will make you feel confident and stylish. If the answer to any of these is a strong N-O, then get ready to resell it on a site like PoshMark, ThredUp or Ebay or donate it to your local church or Salvation Army. If it is in really poor condition then throw it away but I am really big on reusing things ’til the threads fall out.


Step2: Order in the Wardrobe!

Once you only have your all star players left to work with- you need to get things organized. Organization is not only a key to success for obvious reasons like, being able to find what you are looking for in the appropriate amount of time, but it will impact your overall mental health in a positive way. { I KNOW- look at me dropping the psychology bombs} Here are a couple things I swear by to keep my thangs in check.

Shelving for shoes

If you have the room, a book case or specific shelving for shoes is aesthetically pleasing and a great way to see what you own. Keeping them at the bottom of the closet got too annoying for me as I had to constantly organize them. I made the switch to shelving and although it takes up some space {the image above from our old apartment, I have it set up similarly in my office} it is worth it to not have to search for a shoe mate in the dark crevices of my closet.

A few shelving items I suggest- White Shelving Tower Kit $229 | Shoe Shelves For Narrow Space $143

I don’t remember life before velvet hangers.

They are better than any other hanger and when I work with clients it is the one change I really push them to make- get a velvet style hanger, in one color {recycle the plastic, wire, whatever you were using before} and commit to making this switch. Your life will not be the same once you do! Not only does it look impressively organized when you see a closet with all one kind of hanger- the velvet style is so thin it saves space allowing you to hang more without looking cluttered AND soft fabrics will not slip off. OMG I am getting excited just thinking about it!

I honestly purchased all my hangers at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. They sell them in bundles of 5-10-25-50 at very competitive prices, maybe $.50 a hanger? If you want to order online I recommend these- Jeronic pack of 50 $24

I did my side of the closet in gray hangers and my husband’s in black. I will have to give you a peek on InstaStories soon.


Clear boxes for the win

This isn’t ground breaking information but it is a great reminder that even when you don’t have a pimped out, Pinterest worthy walk-in closet, all of your things can still have a place. You just have to create it. I have been using clear, acrylic boxes for years to store scarves, hair accessories, handbags etc. The main thing here being that they are clear! When you can see through the box you are reminded of what you have and you won’t forget to incorporate it your looks.

Acrylic boxes small $24 | medium $49 | large $69

In two- more lengthy steps, you can get your wardrobe into it’s best shape everrrr! Check ->this post<- from last year- last paragraph specially- if you want some points on how to nail your personal style down before you begin to purge.

If you end up putting these tips to work this weekend- you know the deal, share here: @TiffanyPineroStyle on instagram |@TPineroStyleon Twitter |\TiffanyPineroStyle on Facebook!