Designer Jeans For Shorter Legs

Stylist fitting designer jeans for shorter legs

For those of us who do not fall in the legs for days category, many things in life can be a challenge; reaching the top shelf in the kitchen cabinet, qualifying for the long jump and when it comes to shopping finding pants, specifically jeans that don’t need a whole lot of tailoring. With so much body diversity out there it makes sense to make jeans super long for the tall girls and then just have them hemmed to where you need if you are shorter. However, if you are much shorter… we are talking 5’3 and under, hemming off 7″+ of jeans can make them look completely different and sometimes ill fitting. No one wants their designer jeans that they just spent a good amount of money on to look ill fitting so my girl Ramie called me in to help her with this situation.

We did a style session in the comfort of her home where I brought 5 pairs of designer jeans all boasting the best features as far as fabrications and quality. But what about fit? Ramie’s 5’1.5″ frame will give a good idea of how these may fit you if the struggle has also been real for you!

A few notes from Ramie:

Who knew that the tall person’s cropped jean could be the petite person’s go-to everyday jean? I always thought that cropped meant more of a Mom’s capri pant, so I avoided them completely. But after this experience, I now know that a cropped jean will actually work for me, and in fact, they’ll work better than finding my waist size in a short or petite length. Petite clothes aren’t exactly stylish and I’d rather not age myself.
Both Paige jeans hit right at my ankles, and they’re not high rise, which I tend to avoid because a high rise usually cuts off my torso and makes me look/feel even shorter. I love the soft distressing of the one pair. Trendy, but not obnoxious. And again – hits perfectly at the ankle for both booties and sandals. And it also comes to the right height at my waist, so I don’t feel chopped in half by a high rise. The second pair has a deep, slimming wash – perfect to wear to work with a blazer and flats. I love that the dark wash jeans are so versatile. {You do need to wash them a few times to break them in- the dye gets on your hands the first few wears!}
I’ve been in search of designer jeans for so long, but never wanted to spend the money on something that wasn’t perfect, so I settled for less. Really glad I’ve been exposed to the idea of making cropped jeans work as regular jeans for me.
Now for the try on session…


Jeans For Short Legs AG Prima Crop


Who- AG Prima Crop in Hiatus $188

What-  8.5″ rise, 25″ inseam, 11.5″ leg opening, based on a size 27

{How to} Wear- With such a short inseam this is made for the truly petite person. These were the only ones of the lot that we both really didn’t like simply because they were too short. Can you imagine that? And you’ll have to imagine it since I forgot to take a picture of her in them. These will likely fit a bunch of women who are under 5’2 perfectly so spread the word!

Designer Jeans For Short Legs DL1961 Florence Instasculpt


Designer Jeans for shorter inseam

Who-  DL 1963 Florence Crop Skinny unavailable online in this wash- similar here and here $178

What- 8.75″ rise, 25″ inseam, 10.5″ leg opening, based on a size 27

{How to} Wear- As you can see these fit Ramie pretty perfectly. DL 1963 is a great brand I have been wearing for a couple of years and their “Florence” fits really well. When I found them in a crop version we had to try them on for this experiment. While they were a very strong contender Ramie decided to pass on these.


Designer Jeans For Shorter Legs JBrand Capri



Designer Jeans for shorter women


Designer Jeans For Shorter Legs White

Who- J Brand Mid Rise Capri in White $172

What- 8″ rise, 30″ inseam, 10″ leg opening

{How to} Wear- Being labeled “capri” I should have known these were going to be a wider fit at the ankle but I brought them anyways. On someone a smidge taller these would fall in the right spot. Overall for Ramie these were not the best fit and not a flattering cut.

*Note- always try a size up in white jeans for a more forgiving and smoother look.

Paige Cropped Jeans


Designer Jeans for Petites


kDesigner Jeans for shorter women distressed


Who- Paige Ankle Skinny Jeans with Distressing 

What- 8.5″ rise, 30″ inseam, 10.25″ leg opening, based on a size 26

{How to} Wear- These are a great cool-girl jean to add a hint of edginess to fun weekend looks. They can be worn any season with ankle booties, sandals or your favorite sleek sneaker.


Paige Flawless Fit

Designer Jeans for Shorter Legs


Who- Paige- Transcend Verdugo Crop Skinny Jeans $179

What- 8TK” rise, 30″ inseam, 10.25″ leg opening

{How to} Wear-  These are the ones every girl should have in their closet! As you can see they are refined due to the dark color and fit flawlessly! Way to really label your jeans PAIGE 😉 since these are from their Flawless Fit Collection. I totally agree with Ramie’s comments at the beginning of the post that these are great for work if you have that flexibility to work in denim and can be easily dressed up or dressed down.

NOTE* All of these jeans were purchased at Bloomingdales, I got them for Ramie during their Denim Days which brought 25%off each pair! SAY WHAAAT. I mean where else can you get 25% off brand new denim styles? Denim Days have come and gone but starting March 31 {online} and April 3-9 {in-store} is Bloomingdales Friends & Family which gives 25% off almost everything- including designer jeans!

This is not an ad, just knowledge that I like to share since I want my readers to look fabulous in the streets and I want their bank accounts to look good too.

Thank you Ramie so much for being my model as I know getting in front of the camera is not really your thing! I know the 5’3 and under set appreciates it!

I am hoping this helps a few of you who have been wanting a pair of nicer jeans but have been overwhelmed by the process. Make sure to let me know what your favorite jeans are if you’ve found the one! As always- if you want to enlighten myself and the style community with your outfits, share here: @TiffanyPineroStyle on instagram |@TPineroStyleon Twitter |\TiffanyPineroStyle on Facebook!




  1. Cecilia

    Love this post! I’ve been on the hunt for quality jeans and every pair I tried were so long.
    I’m for sure gonna have to give the cropped ones a try. Thanks!!
    Can you do a post on styling jeans and footwear in the future. Honestly pants in general. Now that it’s getting nice I want to wear all my atrappy heels and Sandler but sometimes they look awkward with pants.