Fierce For Fall: The Long Turtleneck



When I think of turtlenecks I think of a sophisticated style that is very polished. Well let’s just say this version is the black sheep of the family. It’s a little less uptight, has a shape that will make you take notice and when you see her with a coffee mug you’ll wonder- is that vodka in there? She’s cool and edgy and ready to add some excitement to that sweater weather everyone is buzzing about.

What I love about this piece beyond the obvious attraction- being a sleeveless garment, this is great for layering under jackets without creating the bulk. You can easily layer a thin long sleeve under as well for optimal coverage once things get mucho frio. The length is another design element to swoon for. That teetering on tunic length gives a knit piece an effortless air and feels super modern.

Clockwise from Top Left: Love Tunic Sweater {cream} $59 | Ribbed Mock Turtleneck {black} $58 | Turtleneck Tunic Sweater with Split {brown spice} $59 | Kinley Sleeveless Sweater {charcoal} $195 | Side-slit Tunic Sweater  {cream} $88 | Roll Neck Tabbard {oatmeal} $52


Have you gone to great lengths with your turtlenecks this season? I’ll be following up with an outfit post on how I styled my version {the side-slit tunic above} for a night out. You know the deal- if you are inspired by these styles or add one to your wardrobe, let me know! Share here: @TiffanyPineroStyle on instagram |@TPineroStyle on Twitter |\TiffanyPineroStyle on Facebook!



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  1. Tiff I love all of these turtlenecks especially that middle one! Turtlenecks rule Xx

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