For Him, the gift of Panache

GQ’s tagline says it best, “Look Sharp, Live Smart”. I’ve always loved that mantra especially for the fellas, nothing is better than being on top of your A game. So today’s gift is for the guy who is ready for some next level ish.


The Gift:

The first part of this gift is the french cuff shirt. I suggest every guy have at least a classic white french cuff shirt in their wardrobe. The one pictured above would be part of a french cuff shirt starter kit, a simple blue stripe, will go with most suits while adding some stylish flair. This one is by Hugo Boss, I adore the fit on their tailored pieces, between their Black (Classic American tailored fit) and Red (Slim European tailored fit) labels  and their Slimfit cuts, I never have a problem finding a shirt from them that makes a guy look like a million bucks.



Now the fun part.

Of course I get excited over a little man jewelry! I like giving cufflinks, scratch that I LOVE giving cufflinks as a gift. I find the best ones all the time. So once you have conquered the first obstacle by making sure your recipient actually has a french cuff shirt, then you gift them with something special to seal the deal. The ones pictured above are classic silver knots by David Donahue, perfect for any novice in the cufflinks department, they will go with everything.


So maybe your guy has been around the block, you would almost think he created the french cuff shirt he has so many, then I’ve got something for you…







All the cufflinks shown are by Tateossian of London their online assortment of mens fine cufflinks is one of the best I’ve seen! They have everything from uber luxurious pieces trimmed in gold, to novelty styles that fit the man with a sense of humor.


Get creative with your presentation, maybe put the cufflinks in a holiday stocking and the shirt under the tree… I love a little scavenger hunt. My recipients have to work for their gifts!


More gift ideas to come!






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