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If there is one thing I like to do during the holidays more than anything, it’s use my Oprah voice. So without further ado, please listen as if my decibles are increasing with Oprah enthusiasm, I present to you, day one of the 24Kt Style Gift Guide!!! This week is this last week, if you would like to keep your sanity, to really get the ball rolling on that holiday list. If you finish up your gift searching by Sunday that still leaves you a handful of days to enjoy holiday traditions, bake something covered in red sprinkles and watch Elf so many times you start to refer to people you dislike as cotton headed ninny muggins. See how I look out for you 😉

The Gift:

One of my favorite gifts to give is a subscription to a magazine. Obviously being a fashion psycho, I love the glossy pages of my industry’s trend setters. For the fashion of heart or not, there is a publication out there for everyone interested in anything. Here is the best part, this is a fabulously priced gift! Most one year subscriptions are under $20!

The Presentation:

If you order a subscription for someone this week they most likely wont receive their first issue until February, so here is how you present this gift. Buy a copy of whatever magazine you ordered them, put it in a box with a note inside saying something along the lines of, see you for the next 12 months! Woop woop.

Where to Buy:

There are t-t-tons of magazine websites willing to legit slash the prices of subscriptions, so shop around!

Some of my faves are

I love getting fashion mags in the mail, like Harper’s BAZAAR

because subscribers get different covers like this one of their December issue featuring Katy Perry.



See that wasn’t so painful now was it! Hopefully this idea helped with a few people on your list.

Check back tomorrow for Day 2 of the Gift Guide!





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