Happy Halloween!!!

Group Costume WWE WrestlersHalloween 2013 Off The Top Rope as Iconic 90’s Wrestlers & The Slim Jim

For the love of costumes and being the big supporter of chocolate that I am, Halloween is basically my favorite holiday {aside from Christmas respectively}. Dressing up is what I look forward to on a regular day so when I can tip the scale more towards the over the top portion of the show and it be totally normal, insert spontaneous dance break. Now with today being Halloween you most likely have your outfit all ready to go, or if you’re anything like the line I saw busting out of Party City a few moments ago, you’re picking up a few last minute accessories. If you are still indecisive or uninspired hopefully this post will spark something or at the least, entertain you until it is time to close up shop at work and say cheers to the freakin’ weekend.

Happy Halloween From Tiffany Pinero Style

Can we have a moment for my husband! The best partner in crime a girl could ask for. Our costumes from top left:

2008 Halloween in the fast lane | 2009 Emperor & Empress

2010 Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass & Blair Waldorf {only used items from our closet!}

2011 The Most Interesting Man In The World & The Vegas Showgirl

2012 The Hunger Games’ Caesar Flickerman & Effie Trinket

Cher Clueless Halloween Costume

How to look like a total Betty a la Cher here


If you stopped scrolling here you’d be okay, I meann does it get ANY cuter! Full post here


Oh you remember Phyllis Nefler from Troop 332


The troop looking oh-so-fab. How you can get that Beverly Hills style here

fresh-prince-jazzy-jeff-halloween-costumeTHIS dynamic duo! Need I say more. Fresh Prince and Carlton look here

Fruit Cape Halloween Costime

Fruit Cape Hallowen Costume Pineapple

Tiny tot chicness! And a full tutorial on how to make this delicious no-sew cape here

KFC Chicken Costume

This duo is finger lickin good! Costume info here

Essie Nail polish CostumePick your perfect polish! Get inspired by this magnificent mani costume here

Breakfast At Tiffanys Costume Jess From Toy Story

A little office fun last year with my girl Jess as Toy Story’s Jessie & I paid homage to Holly Golightly 
Breakfast At Tiffanys

Starbucks knew what was up 😉

I can’t wait to see what everyone is going to be! Have a happy and safe Halloween!


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  1. i love halloween and YOU!