Hit Your Fitness Goals In Style


From top left clockwise:

Glow Climalite Windbreaker $100 here and here | Fishnet Bomber $62 | Thermopolis Half Zip $75 | Active Color Block Jacket $28 |   Mesh Panel Funnel Sweatshirt $82 | Man Down Jacket $180 | Lite-Show Winter Jacket with Design $130 | Metallic Puffer Coat $200



Hay hottie with the body! After a few weeks {months?} of over indulging it’s time to believe the cliché… summer bodies are made in the winter. Shocker- the thing that motivates me most to get my squatted up tushy to the gym is the cute gear. Seriously, the athleisure game has me feeling all sorts of Sporty Spice and how can one resist? Are you seeing these styles? This ish is hotter than most stuff I wear on the weekend. FIYAH.

First of all- the windbreaker is back and its remixed silhouette is channeling just the right amount of tomboy sex appeal. I get it, when you get gear to sweat in your first thought may not be let me get something that is on the more sensual side but that is why this market is booming. That dash of street-style and a hint {or heap! If you’re team sports bra no shirt} of provocative edge is making gear go beyond the gym and out into real-life with a fashion forward swagger. Maybe you’re not that daring but I bet if you work in a piece or two of these combination designs you’ll be feeling ultra cool and hopefully, ultra motivated.


In the words of Fabolous- D-D-D-D-D-D-Duh-DAMN!


Motion Sheer Cutout Legging $110 | Performance Run Printed Tights $60 | Motion Sheer Cutout Legging Teal $110


Black/White Geo $30 | Corinthian Marble Tight $120  | High Lux Print KnockOut $196


Performance Run Printed Tights $48 | Lite-Show Winter Tights $80 | Booty 7/8 in Dahlia Floral $35

Ooh la la! The design options are exciting and enticing and can be mixed in with your more basic workout gear. Sheer, mesh and popping prints are all raising the bar from the rolled up Umbro mesh shorts I used to steal from my older brother to workout in.

We all know shedding the lbs and keeping them off is super hard, a little treat I like to provide myself with is a new piece of workout gear once I hit a goal. Ex: Once I can do 30 push ups in one set I can get a new pair of leggings. A. I know the gear doesn’t come cheap these days B. It means I am actually putting the clothing to work by hitting my goals. But ya know- start out with one piece just because you’re getting back into your fitness routine or you’re ready to turn it all the way up 😉 .

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