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Photos by Lauren Anzevino

Below is a fun {funny?} story of how this closet came to be, full of first world problems and lots of hyperbole. If you are just looking for item details and our closet designer’s info scroll to the bottom 🙂

Many moons ago when I was 18 I graduated from high school, left my family’s comfy suburban home in upstate New York for a life of trying to live minimal. This was the result because I chose my next chapter to occur in a magical place called New York City. I actually only lived in Manhattan for 1 year on campus at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I then crossed over to NJ to a cute little, big town called Hoboken and set up shop there for my remaining college career all the way through 2016. What my experiences had in common was I lived in a teeny, tiny dorm and then apartments all of which had little to no storage. And some definitely were better than others. Living in Hoboken I had 4 different apartments over 12 years because rent increases were wild! So, I saw my fair share of closets. And even though I knew it was crazy to try to squeeze four seasons of clothes and accessories into a space that was meant for bathroom linens, I never gave up hope. I continued to acquire wardrobe, shoes, vintage jewelry with really nowhere to put it but I was resourceful and eventually exhausted all my resources and ended up renting a storage unit. But then I became part of a couple and that person I coupled with said, I think we need a house.

I was devastated. We were already married. Could I file irreconcilable differences on account that I thought we would always be city{ish} living? For better or for worse, for metro living or the suburbs? This man knew what he was doing. “Picture the closet space you’ll have for all of your wardrobe.” I didn’t want to be weak, I didn’t want to be predictable but I mean… sometimes I’m just that simple. We saw 5 houses one weekend, bought the one we are currently in and it was off to the ‘burbs for me and my gear.

{For the record I changed my tune quickly and adore where we live. It was just hard to say goodbye to a place/ lifestyle with such fond memories.}

There was plenty of space but upon move in there wasn’t a dedicated area for me and my gals {my gals being my shoes, bags, accessories, we have a whole category just for scarves, are you taking notes?} so I put it all in a guest room with temporary racks and bins. I could find it all much easier but this was not the life they were destined for.

Now anyone who buys a house knows you put aside money to renovate the things you want but a whole slew of other issues pop up bleeding your funds from the fun stuff for new fences and roofs- wahhh. While our house was in good shape aside from the roof and fence hiccups it wasn’t really our style and needed some love so we started to slowly update it starting with the master bedroom. All about that renovation here. Bathroom Reno Post. within that renovation we had carved out an extra closet that was to be for my accessories. If you read the bathroom post then you know when we finished in May of 2018 I couldn’t even handle thinking about spending any more money on home updates. We needed a break. Even though I wanted my gals to have a place to call home so bad I just couldn’t press on. Insert laughing with tears face. Insert exhausted face emoji. And money flying emoji.

Well, 3 months later we became parents sooo… ! HAHA exhausted face emoji and money flying emoji times 1000. The closet was on the back burner’s back burner at this point.

SOMEHOW- about 13 months later, I think through writing my new moon intentions every month I regained focus because one of my intentions continually was to be more organized. The closet became the next thing on the home to-do list to get done. I started interviewing companies and getting designs and proposals. I knew I wanted a true closet company to do it in an effort for it to last for the long haul. I ended up choosing Closets By Design and worked with their designer Erik of the Carlstadt office. The experience was great. He met with George and I one night- I showed him my ideas for the accessories closet and he started to mock up a design for us right at the dining room table. George was so impressed he had him look at our clothing closet and we ended up redoing the inside of that as well since that itself was starting to go.

The process was quick. We met in late September and by the second week of October things were being installed. All in it only took two days. One day for removal of our old walk- in closet {I’ll share photos of the walk-in soon} and one day to install both the accessories closet and the new walk-in closet. The guys were great who did the work and Closets by Design was organized and efficient in setting the date and making sure the materials were right. The best part was their price. Since I had met with a handful of companies and was able to compare materials I realized Closets by Design was able to do what we wanted for almost 35% less than a leading company I originally thought I was going to pick.

So, in the end it was worth the wait. I took the time to do this the right way and found a great company and designer and we for once didn’t go over budget on a project- please frame this paragraph as an accomplishment. Oh and the best part- everything has a place now! I can see all the things which makes it easier to wear all the things. Watch out world! I see some very layered looks in my future. haha. The only thing I haven’t done yet to officially say that’s a wrap on this project is a new light fixture but I am on the hunt for something special will share when I find it!


Closet by: Closets by Design Carlstadt, Designer Erik

Organizational Items:

Gold Wire Basket I used the large rectangle and the large square {both available via same link}

Decorative Tray with Gold Handles |Acrylic Tray with Handles |Acrylic Easel Pack of 6 {I used these to display clutches} | Set of 2 Mirror Hexagon Trays |Adjustable Wire Display Racks |Innies Quilted Boot Shaper

Decorative Items:

Gold Eye Statue |Small Metal Balloon Dog | Faux Skin Metallic Rug | Prada Marfa Sign | Ottoman found at Homesense similar here

My Outfit:

Feather Pajamas

Hope you enjoyed seeing the gals in their new home! If you have any other questions feel free to reach out via email TiffanyPineroStyle@gmail.com.

Keep in touch on instagram @TiffanyPineroStyle  xo