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I’m starting off the week with a lengthy subject… eyelashes. They frame the window to soul and whether your’s are uber long or semi-short I think we can all agree the right mascara can really enhance a gorgeous gaze. In lieu of “enhancing” I have to share my chic secret, “They’re Real” by Benefit. I made the switch in February. For years I have worn Dior Show, and then recently for their anniversary I purchased the Dior Show Extasé in its almost platinum looking bottle, at $30 a tube but wasn’t entirely impressed. And yeah, yikes. That’s a bit on the high-end, even for my lash loving self. So I started asking around and trying different brands, when my co-worker told me about They’re Real. At $22 a tube it wasn’t significantly cheaper but if it made my lashes look like they were long and lean, who I am to get in the way.

After completing my first tube, I have to say I am a believer! I sent a couple of tubes home to my mom and sister for Easter, because it is clearly a holiday that warrants the gift of cosmetics…  and they too have jumped on the Benefit Bandwagon. A couple of things to know about this product:

I am no beauty guru but from my own experience, I think the success of this product is equal parts mascara formula and brush. The mascara is great, but this could end up being a case of too much of a good thing if you aren’t careful. After two coats this will get clumpy, so try to be precise and not venture into a third stroke because this blend is a bit waxy and you will regret it. You should really only need two coats though because the brush is fantastically thorough catching lashes vertically and horizontally. My major disclaimer with this product is that you buy a healthy size eye make up remover along with it because this is not an easy one to get off, unless you like that whole crazy melting dark eyes look.

Maybe she’s born with it? Yup, They’re Real.

Since we can’t all be like my gorgeous little god-daughter Liliana, and just come out the womb with amazing wispy butterfly lashes, we will have to improvise with today’s fabulous tube of greatness.


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  1. Mary valente

    Hi Tiff, great article! You’re such a ggreat writer. You also might want to try Georgio Armani’s mascara, “Excess” it is called. I fell in love with it. Can only get it in Saks or Bloomies. But I thought us girls should share in any good beauty secrets we come across! Loved the picture of my Grandaughter at the end. xoxo Aunt Mare. P.S. Hi to George!

  2. I always say I am going to stop trying other mascaras and just stick to what I use (L’oreal Voluminous) because they never end up being as good. However, I always see this one when I am looking at cosmetics and have always wanted to try it. Maybe I will give it a try next time!


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