Item of The Week: Bordeaux Suede Clutch

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It is safe to question a lot of the things I loved in high school; flared black pants, tank tops shaped like butterflies, cinnamon twists from Taco Bell, but one thing I got right was Aldo Accessories. I had discovered this division of Aldo shoes when visiting New Jersey when back-to-school shopping for my senior year. {Being from upstate New York, it was always a big deal that we would come down to Paramus to tax-free shop!} At the time I couldn’t describe why I loved it so much, now I can merchandising! This small boutique had enough sparkle to keep my shine driven A.D.D. self engaged for a solid 5 minutes. Focusing on a few categories, jewels, bags, hats and other trending accessories it was a lot to take in but also easy to dissect. Alas a love affair with this costume jewel shop began and 12 years later it is still going strong. So basically what I am trying to say is I trust this brand and love it for mixing high-low styles.

This week’s item is a gorgeous, looks oh-so-luxe clutch from Aldo Accessories in THE COLOR of the season. Funny enough, the color of the season has about 15 shades/tones and names, most of them inspired by wine. If you’re going off Pantone’s Color of the Year, it is referred to as Marsala {like my husband’s favorite chicken dish} and the shade has a pinkish undertone. If you get a little higher with your alcohol content and your color saturation, a rich merlot is also a favored hue you can’t wrong with this Fall/Winter. Go bold or go home with a color reminiscent of Port that will channel fashion drama and pair perfectly with all the black in your wardrobe. Today’s clutch though, is a Bordeaux. Are you drunk yet?

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What I love about this piece:

-The color!

After all that wine talk could you imagine if I said the color was just meh. Clearly not. If I go into a full fledge monologue about tones and shades, I am passionate and that is because this piece will complement MANY wardrobes and suit many lifestyles. I believe that is what my basketball friends would refer to as a slam dunk. Swoosh.

-The shape! 

Silhouettes are the first key to knowing when an item you have is outdated. Certain styles though {like traditional clutches in general} are so sly. A square/rectangular clutch rarely looks passé unless the print or material is very specific. This piece looks modern due to it’s slightly dramatic, oversized design so it will add a freshness to your wardrobe while also being understated for future seasons to come.

The texture!

Nothing is more supple in the Fall than suede. Well, maybe cider donuts but that’s going to be a hard one to call. The combination of suede and different scale snake is eye-catching and gives off a sophisticated feeling. With zero branding on this piece you can let the design speak for itself and let people wonder which high-end designer you snagged it from 😉

-The price is right!

The price on this goes without saying; $60 in my eyes means I can have my cake and eat it too! While I have been investing most of my money this season into the production of my book I felt a little guilty wanting to stock my wardrobe with the latest and greatest. Adding in a new bag that is so versatile, did you even see the should strap chain!, and can be worn with so much, while totally cooperating with my budget makes it beyond a win/win!

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Suede Bordeaux Clutch $60


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