It’s Eclectic!

Oh ya know, just hanging out in the park.

Today’s wardrobe post comes from my own closet. With the weather teetering back and forth, I decided to get a little inventive with some key pieces last week, while being sure to not skimp on style. Lucky for me, my fantastic co-worker and accessories designer extraordinaire Mary, has taken up photography and needed some shots for her class. Thus I can present a gorgeous grouping of photos… so obviously, a huge Thank You to Mary 😉

In true Tiffany fashion, there is a lot going on with this look. For my daring fashionista’s this is a quasi-calculated style that one can create but the key is confidence. Eclectic dressing emerges from combining styles and breaking away from the traditional. Below you’ll see I meshed prim and polished silhouettes like, my silk button down top and my circle skirt with trendy pieces like my leopard swing coat and lots of jewelry. A pointer to help you pull this off, repetition {with mixing prints} a color or tone that is felt throughout gives a sense of consistency. In my own experience I also like at least one piece to be tailored. Since I am on the curvier side I can’t just bust out in billowy pieces unless I want to people to start speculating I am pregnant, so something, like  my tailored top secured with my high waisted belt helps me pronounce my shape amongst busy pattern and colors. So enough chit-chat, take a peek at my eclectic style…

Laughing in the face of danger as I almost got side swiped by a cab. Muhuhahaa.

The wind giving my skirt a little poof… love.

Isn’t it M A R V E L O U S.

Realizing my watch never joined Daylight Savings time…

Go big or go home. Mix those prints and then pile on the jewels. 

Two Leopards on the loose in the Flatiron. {With @MandyLaneve}

If you have some exciting pieces lurking in that closet, don’t be afraid to be a little dramatic {in my case I felt the hair and sunglasses brought the sophisticated drama} . One last pointer, if you remove the color, prints and embellishments from my look, the style/shapes overall are timeless, if you are unsure about the outfit you’re putting together use that as a guideline. Now that you’re equipped with tips,  go ahead and mix it up, break it out and give your personal style a wow-factor.


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  1. Love the look!

    xox M

  2. boogy woogy boogy
    electric sliiiiding
    see you tues!


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