It’s Playtime! Modern Playroom Makeover for our Girl

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Photography by Lauren Anzevino

I haven’t been blogging much but when I do, lately it’s been for bigger personal projects on our home. If you’ve been filling in your BINGO card haha kidding but if each room in our house was a letter to win you’d be well on your way. We have now in living here redone our master bedroom and master bathroom THE CLOSETS insert heart eyes, as well as Lumi’s bedroom and our upstairs hallway. We live in a split so down the stairs is another mini level with two more bedrooms and another bathroom {which we call the Aztec bathroom – probably won’t renovate that for A WHILE but it sure is a sight!}. One of the two bedrooms is our guest room we just had painted a navy tone OBSESSED- working on decorating that soon. And finally the other room was my office that I had never done anything with. I’m ashamed to say but this room became a dumping ground when we first moved in. And once Lumi came it was a pretty pink dumping ground. SO many beautiful gifts from friends and family I would line up in my office until I knew what to do with them. BUT THERE WERE SO MANY GIFTS! Everyone is so sweet but I had to get things under control.

We have another full bedroom and bathroom in our basement {that is actually above ground, it’s cool} so step 1. I moved my office there. Step 2 I did not want to sink a lot of money into a playroom. Things I could not change right now were the blinds, the room paint or the floors. They are all fine and functioning so I left them but down the road when I have some extra money I hope to update them! My thoughts were this, make it a fun space that is playful, where there is room to roam and feels whimsical. All design elements had to be easily removable if we wanted to change the room in 2-3 years in case… a baby brother comes along or if Lumi’s tastes changes idk hahaha. If her taste stays the same and she gets a little sister it can stay as a shared playroom 😉

I had three tall shelving units on one side of the room that I was storing accessories and items for clients, from when I was using it as my office. I knew they could stay once we adhered them to the wall safely with the childproof bungee fasteners {I have the ones I used listed in my shoppable links at the bottom}. So in using those that is where my organization of the pretty pink dumpster began. I styled the shelves with all her adorable stuffed animals and books and mementos we had collected and in doing that I started to get a vision for what I wanted to do with the space.

Things that were a must, soft flooring so she could sit and play, a table and chairs set and bins that she could reach into to easily pick out and put her toys back. All of those were simple to implement. One of the things I had in my office was a big black and gold cabinet. We also have this same cabinet in my front room. Why would I have two of the same cabinet in different rooms? The one in the office/ now playroom was the original one I ordered but it came defective. I couldn’t believe they sent another one and just told me to throw the original out. It was wonky but I didn’t think it was garbage so I kept it and figured I would change it down the road with paint and boy did I ever! I used Annie Sloan’s chalk paint in Florence color and it is just AMAZING! This combined with the dot wallpaper and the wainscoting I painted and put up- it really made the one wall so much fun.

When we were featured in NJ Family Magazine!

That one wall is the wow wall and I was happy it make such an impact for a low cost. The wallpaper is affordable and removable- wallpaper can get so pricey so only having to do half the height of the wall was great and choosing a brand that is $40 per roll was definitely on purpose on my part! I wanted to do wainscoting but again needed to keep the overall project cost low so I found this kit in white and painted each section. I originally went in with the intention to glue it to the wall but ended up nailing in each section with my hubby’s help – he was less than thrilled but doesn’t it look good! Tell him it looks good hahaha.

My general aesthetic is a space that airs on the side of styled but some what minimal. This is anything but. This is a REAL ROOM we use. Not just an insta-make-it-all-white and unrealistic for the average child. Not coming for the all white room bloggers but it is definitely not in the cards for me with this crazy girl and her pooch brother. This room has so much in it! I tried to list everything below. If I missed anything feel free to reach out. Down the line I hope to change out the blinds to a white/ gray but these came with the house lol and for now… they’re fine.

Playroom Items:

Love an item from the pictures you see? Just click the highlighted link below and it will bring you to where it is listed online for you to purchase.I have noted where I bought items if they aren’t listed online. And also sourced a “look-a-like”.

10 Light Sputnik Chandelier under $125! |Kids Mid Century Modern Table and Chairs Set |Black and White Tent |Black Faux Fur Rug | Pink Faux Fur Rug Originally from Homesense similar item here and here| Roam Free Playmat in Ruby Slipper |4ft Palm Leaf Tree |Cream Woven Rug with Fringe {5×8} from Homesense similar item here and here |Faux Shearling Chair sold out similar item here | Feather Lamps are by Rachel Zoe from Homesense not available online similar item here| 4 Shelf Bookcase out of stock online {in the white color} but may be able to find in store, also love this bookcase |Spotted Removable Wallpaper | Gold Notched Mirror | Toy Organizer Unit | Mini Piano | Flamingo Rocker | Wainscot Paneling Kit I used two kits to do the one wall | Furniture Anchors anything remotely tall that could fall including the toy organizer we fastened to the wall with these.

Paint Color Notes:

Room color was already done in Benjamin Moore’s Coastal Fog. I used Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Florence on the originally black cabinet, two coats. Since you can not order Annie Sloan online, I buy mine locally at Uptown Vintage in Scotch Plains. On the white wainscoting I used Behr Paint in Limousine Leather. * some of the links listed here are affiliate links and I get a small percentage of the sales if you purchase. Thank you in advance if you do! That extra revenue allows me to have a little more time to create content for you all. I really appreciate it.

Lumi’s dress is by our amazing friends at

So there you have it! Another room in the house feeling a bit more like our own now. And not a moment too soon since we will be inside a lot while in quarantine! Here’s hoping everyone reading this stays safe and healthy.

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