Jump into Jumpsuits for Spring

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“Jump! Jump! The Daddy Mack will make ya, Jump! Jump!” Sing it if you know the words. Today’s blog unfortunately is not paying homage to the utterly fantastic Kris Kross and their unique styling technique of wearing your clothes backwards. I think it is safe to say that is one trend we won’t see resurfacing- ever. This week’s fashion tip instead, is focusing on the fun and flattering shape of the spring season, the totally badass and yet ultra glamorous jumpsuit!

el0309-shops-00_galleryDerek Lam filled his Spring 2009 collection with jumpsuits that brought luxury and edge together like no other.

  The jumpsuit first made it’s way on to the scene during war times to insulate the body for those jumping out of planes. The silhouette increased with popularity primarily for utilitarian purposes among tradesmen, astronauts, and even stylish sportsmen like the very chic Ricky Bobby.



This sensational style has been a fashionista favorite for decades. Donned by divas from Diana Ross to present day Beyonce if there was an ensemble that could outshine their talent, it was this one piece wonder.


Check out some famous and infamous jumpsuit moments:


Elvis. Famous


april_oneilApril O’Neal, Reporter; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Famous



                                                                                      Spandex & Fur. Infamous



p02200900163Vintage. Famous


justin-timberlake-beyonce-rock-071Beyonce.  Very Famous

Luckily you don’t have to be a chart topping songstress to be able to pull off this look.


How to wear the jumpsuit in real life:

First of all time and place are of the essence. The place to wear a jumpsuit is to a party where the scene is lively and full of life. You will fit in, while standing out.

I hope my cousin Lauren doesn’t kill me for posting this picture, but she looked fantastic at a recent event and really stuck out in the glamorous crowd at my company’s launch party because of her demure but sexy look in this black jumpsuit.


The keys things to acquire a diva like jumpsuit moment are the right bra, double stick tape and the appropriate fit through out the thigh area. If the fabric is pulling around the inner thigh and creating a ripple effect, it’s too tight!

Seal the deal with amazing accessories, perhaps a belt to really cinch the waist and create a long statuesque shape and a fantastic clutch.


Fashion for thought:

Other one piece silhouettes:

Romperromp·er  (rmpr)


1. One that romps.

2. Rompers: A loosely fitted, one-piece garment having short bloomers that is worn especially by small children for play. OR by hot girls taking the town by storm.

55630966BCBG Max Azria Spring 2009


Playsuit play·suit  (plst)

n.  A play outfit usually consisting of shorts and a blouse, sometimes in one piece, that is often worn by children. OR by hot girls taking the town by storm.



Vanessa Hudgens wearing a Rebecca Taylor playsuit from her Spring 2009 collection

(The difference between a playsuit and a romper is the blouse factor)

The Jumpsuits / Romper featured in this week’s “Fashion Tip of the Week” are by:

1. Nanette Lepore 

2. Stella McCartney 

3. Derek Lam

I hope you enjoyed this week’s style blog! Let me know if you try out the one piece look and send your photos to Tiffany@TiffanyReo.com

Ciao for now,