Kick It Up To Comfy

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Last week I gave you color and today I am harping on comfort, which is kind of uncharted territory for me. I have been known to tread on the side of impractical and put things like my “altering myself for a Vera” or my feet hurting, out of my mind. However, with a jam packed schedule these days, pulling for photo shoots, styling clients and running around after Mr Baxter, I have dedicated certain days to taking it easy even if it just means lighting a scented candle while doing some desk work. Here are a few of my favorites right now that are adding some much needed comfiness to my crazy days, while also infusing some major style.


Nike Gennico Print Casual Sneaker Sneakers have never really been my thing since I rely on my heels to give me height and balance out these thighs… BUT when they are festive and fun like the above Nikes, I can certainly make an exception and I am sure my body will thank me for it. {I will be styling these in a personal style post soon! Be on the look out for that!}

 Chunky Cableknit Turtleneck Sweater A yummy, cozy, sweater that goes with everything and is under $20, need I say more?!

Trish McEvoy Wild Blueberry Vanilla Candle The most insanely delicious candle you have ever smelled, which is one of my favorite gifts to give as well.

 Hi Handsome Pillow tell him how you really feel. Perhaps for your Valentine or a new member of the family, these are little things that make my home a little more cheerful.

Sonnet James Piper Dress  I stumbled upon the photo of this woman in this effortlessly adorable dress and loved the playful styling. The more I looked into this brand, Sonnet James, the more I fell in love! Super cute knit dresses for “playful moms”. Even though I only have a fur child, I will be scooping one of these up, so smart and beyond chic.

This Is Why I’m Hot Travel Mug DIY Tutorial  And your next DIY night theme has already been chosen, check out studio DIY and D-I-E over the adorable, yet somewhat easy projects and emerge with a sassy travel mug if nothing else 😉

Cozy up and stay comfy!



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  1. UM. Sonnet James is my sartorial soul mate right now. Thank you for the intro!

    • tiffanypinerostyle

      I seriously had you in mind when I stumbled upon them! So cute! and I love their marketing showing real moms in real life in their designs 😉

  2. Hello!

    Thank you for mentioning my dress and brand! And the compliments! I love all the things you posted with it too! xoxo Whitney

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