Lifestyle Updates That Will Make You Happy

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Affordable Bar Cart Home Styling Tiffany Pinero Style

Clearly I’m acting like I know you with the title of this post. Do I really know what is going to make you happy? If you’re anything like me, then yes, yes I do. World peace, cute animals, endless amount of chocolate and wine that won’t make you fat and details. I l-o-v-e details. Not details like making sure I have my car keys before I get to my car, more like little touches; that extra something that catches your eye and makes you feel good. Below are two little changes I’ve made that have me feeling light and are giving my day to day gear a little more personality.

Sprucing Up Your Space

We live in an apartment and you would think with it not being a sprawling house like where I grew up, it would be easy and a rather quick process to fill the space. One thing I have learned is everything, everything needs to be special. Because what you see is what you get; I want my husband and myself and visitors to enjoy the space we do have. Enter the bar cart. This retro home styling item has made a resurgence from its hay day in the 60’s and has been lighting up home decor blogs and magazines for a few years now. With my better half being an enthusiast of fine scotch I thought this would be a great piece to add to our living room that also has a functional purpose. WELL, have you seen the price of bar carts?! My thought was just that for a while. Many of the ones that I was eyeing were very high-end and I was having a hard time finding an affordable one that was sturdier than a homemade lemonade stand. After months of bookmarking styles I pulled the trigger on this three shelf design from World Market. It did not have a wine rack, and definitely didn’t need it because the bottles could fit up-right on one of the shelves. But if you like your wine to be horizontal because there are said to be benefits to storing wine on its side, you can add this wine rack in that I found at Pier 1. It fits perfectly with this bar cart!

Home Styling Affordable Bar Cart Chic Fashion Stylist TIffany Pinero

Three Mirrored-Shelf Bar Cart $149

Wine Rack To Add To Bar Cart Pier 1Stackable Wine Rack $14.95 {and it goes on sale often, I got 20% off mine!}

Designer Champagne Flutes One Kings Lane Bar Cart Styling

Set of 6 Champagne Flutes with Design $52

Great Gatsby Quote Print by Brittany Reo Bar Cart Styling Home Decor

Print by my talented sister!

You can follow her on instagram here or see her work here.

Sprucing Up Your Gear

Beyond the bar cart and all the fun details it holds I also added some exterior flair to my lap top. I am very fortunate to have a home office to conduct business but sometimes I just need to take this show on the road. I was finding, although I have a sleeve to protect my laptop when I would set up shop at a cafe to get some work done my gear would get so grubby from my fingerprints. I looked into skins out there just to see if I could find something that would protect the outside but also not look like a bumper sticker. My opulent dreams came true when I stumbled upon UNIQFIND. They don’t have a huge assortment but honestly the marble styles they offer are so gorgeous you don’t need many other options. I debuted mine on instagram this morning and I am sure my Hoboken neighbors will be seeing it at a coffee shop near you soon!

Marble Mac Book Skin Fashion Blogger Tiffany PineroMarble Mac Book Skin $25

So if you’re feeling the spring fever but not ready to pull the trigger on the wardrobe items yet try these little touches that will make a big difference! You know the deal, let me know if you try this/these or have any questions here, here or here!