Lo Siento Mucho!

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Maybe if I say it in a couple languages it will soften the blow… I’m sorry! Sorry for leaving you hanging in the month of May when I promised a month full of exciting and informative blogs. Totally my bad. I appreciate the emails and comments and even phone calls,¬†mother… er looking for the next blog because some of my fan base is a little shall we say idle at work?! hah. I appreciate if you are taking a break from stalking ¬†Facebook and Twitter, that the 24 Karat Style blog has made it into your internet rotation. I will have you know it is all for a good reason, the month of May was a great month for business! I couldn’t ask for much more, except maybe an extra couple hours each week so I can write more blogs! I will do my best to keep them on a weekly schedule and keep you informed on all things fashion and fabulous. Please read on and enjoy this week’s blog and forgive me again <3