Lumi’s Looks

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I guess it was only a matter of time Lumi had her own column. And as I was organizing her photos and links I realized this column needs categories and sub categories! Babies need a lot of ish! While this post is just about her cute clothing as of late, I will definitely be sharing things I think you would benefit from that got us this far. And this far is a few days shy of 10 months… AHHH. You see parents write it often- “time slow down!” but now I understand. Life in general moves so fast and then these little adorable blobs morph into tiny people and you just want an extra minute to soak it all up.

With that being said- the photos here are not totally perfect or well light, or whatever you might expect from a stylist or mommy blogger for that matter- these mom bloggers are professional alll the way. God bless. I can do all the photography fuss it when it comes to me but when it’s Lumi, even in bad lighting she shines. Also, you have like a 2 minute window haha.

Summer is here babes and we are all about putting some bike shorts under our flowy tops and dresses.

This top is super special because it caught George’s eye when he was shopping solo and brought it back for Lumi on a whim. Style-wise he really knocked it out of the park! And she has been rocking it different ways since April. Leopard Top $14.99 |Bike Shorts $4.99 | Black Bow Headwrap $14.99

A baby in bellbottoms? Need I say more? A lot of her really cute sets come from Amazon, shockingly. We have been wearing the top and pants together and then separating both pieces to get more wear out of it.

Size notes: Lumi is pretty tall, 100th percentile in height {she gets it from me, obvi}, so this 12-18month set fits perfect in length but also has a bit of room to grow. I’d say go a little bigger in this if you’re on the cusp.

Pant and Top set $15.99 | Bow from Lollipops in Albany, NY call to order 518.786.0379 and if you want to see this outfit while Lumi is dancing click here

These jeans caused an uproar every time she wore them! I mean how could they not. Babies in destroyed denim are just irresistible it’s a fact.

Size notes: I got her the 6-12 months which fit in the winter and spring- and she has since outgrown them. I also think they shrunk a little in the wash. I am tempted to get it in a bigger size… we shall see 😉

Polka Dot Top and Destroyed Denim $16.99

Since we haven’t had a ton of really warm days in the spring or even now for that matter, I wanted to get her a few tops that had sleeves because wearing coats and not putting them on until we get in or out of the carseat can be such a pain. And of course we needed some sleeves with flair and flares!

Size Notes: Lumi is wearing 12-18 months, it’s a bodysuit and it has room to grow. If baby is on the bigger side I would go up a size.

Floral Bodysuit $11.99 | Jeans last season H&M kids | Headband Bow from Lollipops in Albany, NY call to order 518.786.0379

As much as I love Target and Amazon, Etsy is also a gift and curse! That is where I found this adorable shop called My Lolliflops. The designer {NJ based- yassss} makes beautiful pieces for the layette set and a few things in bigger sizes like this too cute for words one piece. And the headpiece comes with it, score!

Size notes: This is super comfy and stretchy and fits true to size like a onesie. Again because Lumi is growing so fast I went up a size and did 12-18 in this and it currently fits. The photo is from April.

Romper with Chiffon Flowers at chest and headpiece $36.00

Every diva needs some sunnies or several… I may have put my obsession for eyewear on her. Ooops. While they look ultra cute we have also found she definitely doesn’t mind wearing them when it is really sunny out.

Size Notes: These are a little big but they work- I think they will fit well into next/ spring summer too.

Round Flower Sunglasses $4.89 | Sneakers in photo unavailable but we love these by the same designer Watermelon Slip Ons $6.99 | Headband Bow from Lollipops in Albany, NY call to order 518.786.0379

If you follow on instagram you might have seen me post a mommy and me look with Lumi and I wearing this in our respective sizes. Funny enough they are from completely different places from completely different years! I didn’t even think about the matching element until I realized the white shirt finally fit her, { I bought in February! haha} and that it looked just like mine on.

The pants I got for her a while ago too when Janie and Jack was about to go out of business so I got them on sale. But then they were saved and happily still in business but I can still only shop their sale stuff.

Size notes: The set from amazon I got in 12-18 months and she is just fitting in it now. The pants are also 12-18 months and fit well with some room to spare.

Top is part of a set from Amazon, Crop Top and Ripped Jean Trouser $15.44 | Wideleg Pants $30 on sale|Headband Bow from Lollipops in Albany, NY call to order 518.786.0379

Hope you enjoyed us spilling the deets on some of our favorite looks! Keep up with me on instagram @TiffanyPineroStyle! xo

Full Disclosure* some of these links are affiliate links that give me a small percentage of the sale if you choose to buy the item. I am in no way being paid by the brand- just sharing what we honestly love. Happy shopping and thanks for reading and supporting, always!