Marching In Style 2 {contest}

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It’s baaaaaack!!! Happy March my fantastic friends! You know this is my favorite month now for soooo many reasons. Daylight savings is coming and hopefully with that, some warm weather so yayy for March to bring spring 😀 It’s also my birthday month and I am going to be the BIG 3-0! Can I get a wha, wha!?! But most importantly….. {sound the trumpets…. give me a drumroll… its. about. to. go. down….}

I am bringing back last year’s awesome #OOTD contest, Marching In Style for the cleverly renamed, Marching In Style 2. {stayed up all night thinking of that one} We had beyond a blast with this last year, so I had to bring it back! Check out last year’s album -> here <- featuring all the amazing participants!

This year’s winner will receive a $100 gift card to my home away from home, Nordstrom.

This is truly a gift from me, to one of my readers to add an upgrade to your wardrobe from a store/website that I really appreciate for it’s great selection, variety of price ranges and excellent {EXCELLENT!} customer service. Seriously if you ever have a problem just call their number and they will win you over fo sho.

Here is how you can enter to win:

-This contest is open to male and female entrants

-Today March 4th through March 31st {11:59pm est} upload an outfit of the day

or a stylized photo of part of your outfit ex: your accessories, shoes, etc.

-the photo MUST be your own {no random pinterest finds allowed}

-upload to instagram, follow and tag me in your post so I can see it @TiffanyPineroStyle

-Use the hashtag #marchinginstyle2 #tiffanypinerostyle

-All entries will be featured in an album on the Tiffany Piñero Style Facebook page as style inspiration for the month

-On the evening of April 2nd I will blog a post of the top 5 entries chosen by myself and my style council

{which, knowing my followers and readers I know that will be hard to get it down to five!

So then we will have to call on the big dogs}

-The top five entries will be voted on by the public from April 2nd through April 6 {11:59pm}

-I will announce the winner on Tuesday April 7th

{A person can enter up to five times}

Clearly I am excited for someone to win some MAJ dinero to one of my shopping sanctuaries, but along the way I am even more enthusiastic about the style everyone is going to share. I can not wait to see how you all work your magic! If you have any questions on how to enter, leave it in the comments section. HAVE FUN WITH THIS!!! xO


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