Mattress Upgrade with Shovlin Mattress

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Photography by Lauren Anzevino

This is a sponsored post with Shovlin Mattress Factory

My last post ended with “I hope they let us loose soon” referring to our lockdown status. And while we are able to go out and about a little more lately I still am trying to do many things from home for our safety and to limit our footprint with covid. Funny enough- getting a new mattress is not something you can select from home. I say funny enough because who thinks it’s a good idea to roll the dice on something you sleep on, on average 2,920 hours a year?! No really. I know there are a lot of brands now that are offering mattresses you can buy online, even receive it in a box…! But making ANOTHER mattress mistake was not going to be in the cards for me.

With all our staying at home, we like many others, were seeing the major flaws in our home life. One thing that was on the top of our list was getting a more firm mattress. I am currently suffering with two herniated discs in my back and a few other issues so our subpar mattress had to go. We bought that mattress at a big name retailer many shop at and I was not going down that road again. Mind you this mattress was very expensive and only 4 years old and had lost it’s shape completely. I blame cheap materials and thoughtless construction.

This time we shopped local at Shovlin Mattress in Fanwood. I am so big on shopping local I was mad in retrospect I hadn’t tried them sooner. It would have saved me time, money and possibly helped me back injury get the support it needs. Alas, we finally got in there in early June and had a private showroom appointment, just George and I and Ron the owner of Shovlin. A bit about Ron- expert is actually not enough of an adjective to describe him. This man has been in the mattress industry since he was a teen working for his family’s company in Garwood. He eventually took over the business and brought it to Fanwood where his unwillingness to cut corners and ensure a flawless product for every customer shows. He guided us in making our decision and we even got to tour the factory in the back. We saw where the magic happens!

As for our in store shopping experience, everyone had masks on so all safety measures were taken to assure a comfortable experience. What was even more comfortable? THESE BEDS! As I said they make them in their own factory- right in the back of the store. You absolutely can feel the difference of quality. Even on their most affordable mattress you are sacrificing nothing for a good sleep experience.

About the mattresses: There was a lot to choose from. Shovlin offers custom mattresses for those with specific needs which is wonderful to know when it comes to home decorating for my clients. They also are one of the last companies to make a two-sided inner spring mattress.

When it came to choosing one for us we went with the Latex Nirvana collection which felt custom to me. This collection features four levels of comfort Ultra Plush, Plush, Soft, Medium & Firm. We went with the medium. The mattress is one sided to conform to people of all shapes and sizes with very little pressure applied to the body and spine. It is constructed of the best quality foam base available, combined with six inches of all-natural Talalay latex (the highest grade latex available, that is both hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly) ultimately providing unparalleled orthopedic support and comfort. The best part? There’s no movement in the mattress. Got a wiggly partner? You won’t know with this mattress haha. Your side of the bed will be your sacred place.


Lumi signing “More” because she didn’t want to stop jumping on the bed haha

Our mattress was made to order and delivered a few weeks later. The delivery was smooth with them taking our old mattress and box spring and delivering us our new slice of heaven. Something I had never paid attention to was the box spring and Ron pointed out not all box spring’s are created equal and it is literally not something to sleep on. Getting both the new box spring and mattress has made our room feel like a 5 star hotel stay and is helping both of our backs- and Lumi’s recreational activities! 😉

If you want to book an appointment give them a call (908) 322-4178 to visit their showroom 35 South Ave, Fanwood, NJ 07023. Thanks again for having us and improving our sleep! Truly a gift that keeps on giving.