Mixing In Metallic


Photography by Erin Quigley 

How do you turn your style swag on? First you have to step out of your comfort zone. It happens to the best of us, we get comfortable and complacent and don’t really try to challenge ourselves — in all aspects of our life. I of course, see this so often when it comes to our personal style. We create a uniform, by different variations of the same thing and getting dressed becomes easy but also, overtime- boring. While day to day some kind of a system comes in handy it is nice to take a day every couple of weeks and surprise yourself. That’s what I did with this look. With the manic weather and my trying not to buy a lot of clothing I don’t need, I decided to shop my closet and create a fanciful look for a Saturday night. 

When your closet contains a pleated, metallic, maxi skirt – you need to let that piece shine! I normally pair this skirt with a pump or strappy heel of some sort- mixing it with my favorite shoes of the season, my over-the-knee boots, gave it new life. For a nod to the next season I sealed the look with a cropped denim jacket and mixed in lots of stylish details in-between.

If you don’t have a metallic maxi skirt, you might have a high shine piece in your wardrobe that’s not getting a lot of action and that simply shouldn’t be the case. I loved breaking this look up with my leopard belt and adding an unexpected pop. Find 15 minutes in your evening or over the weekend and pair a few things together. Via trial and error I am sure you’ll come up with something cool that feels fresh and the best part- you already own it!


















As I mentioned before, this whole outfit has been in my closet for a while with the exception of the bag and shoes. Below is a list of look-a-like items.

Outfit Details:

Fitted Denim Jacket {a few options}   | Cropped and Bleached $118| Distressed $128 | Look-For-Less Cropped Jacket $32 | Gold Metallic Skirt $99 or Pink/Maroon Metallic Skirt $69 | White Knit Tank $25 or White Silk Cami $39| Drew Leather Shoulder Bag | Black Over-The-Knee Boots {on sale!} $89 | Leopard Print Calf Hair-Like Belt $17 |   Delicate Crystal Necklaces via Aaraa Accessories | Faux Fur Stole {vintage} Look-A-Like here $16

During this transition weather I hope you’ll challenge your closet and create some cool styles! As always- if you want to enlighten myself and the style community with your outfits, share here: @TiffanyPineroStyle on instagram |@TPineroStyleon Twitter |\TiffanyPineroStyle on Facebook!