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HellooOooOoOo errrrybody! Welcome to 2015. I know, I know, I am fashionably late but really this is not a surprise. I hope the holidays treated everyone well and maybe you received a gift that will be jolting a new side of your style?! You know that’s what gets me excited, pushing through the plateau and taking things to the next level. In that regard today’s personal style post is quite fitting. The garments in today’s look are items I wear frequently. My ripped jeans that make me feel equal parts cool and sexy {and shockingly they did not judge me through the holidays by getting too tight, they just stretched right along with me! haha!} a three quarter length white shirt, ankle booties that I pray live forever and my motocape. None of these items are even nearly new. They have been in my wardrobe since August or, in the case of the cape, years. But I love them and I am not one of those people who tries to only wear something once. I buy nicer quality pieces so they last and what is the point of doing that to be a one trick pony. So today I am shedding a light on how beefing up your access to accessories can really give your favorite staples some new flavor.

You’re going to need some gloves, scotch tape and a crowbar. Sorry to get all MacGyver on you, but you are going to need gloves. If you live in a place that experiences winter like we do, go HAM when you get those winter accessories. They indeed serve a purpose but also change an outfit’s appearance so easily. Of course the scarf is a given but maybe you should wear your scarf a little differently. When wrapping my oversized scarves over a jacket that is already pretty substantial I quickly begin to feel like Randy from A Christmas Story. To allow my neck and shoulders to move, I sometimes prefer to wear a bigger scarf like this lace one, waterfall style {as I am calling it to sound fancy but basically you just don’t wrap it around your neck. One and done}. It still covers your neck and chest but you look less confined and with a piece that has a lovely texture or print, everything you’re wearing will be given a new excitement. ¬†I’ve been jonesing over multiple rings for a while now and this seems to be a habit I won’t be quitting in 2015. Balance out a jeweled number with a two tone metal piece all on one hand, this way your jeans and t-shirt still have some talking points once your outerwear is off. FINALLY. I mean don’t quote me on this but I am going to try to not need to carry such a large bag all the time... mainly daytime. I have been good about leaving the kitchen sink at home after 8pm. If I can get away with just my essentials a smaller clutch, bag or can. you. imagine. this wallet wristlet, will be painting the town with me while giving my look a simple touch of chic.

So maybe you don’t need to throw your whole closet out and instead just need to add in some pieces that pack personality and will take those staples to new heights. After all that’s what staples are for, to be the building blocks of more elaborate outfits ūüėČ


Tiffany Pinero Fashion Stylist Cape and Lace


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Outfit Details: Cape {old The Kooples} similar here & here | Genetic Denim Ripped Skinnies via¬†Alba Boutique¬†{call to order 201-857-3628} | White Shirt via Marshalls |¬†Jessica Simpson ‚ÄúPasadena‚ÄĚ Bootie-¬†Marshalls¬†similar¬†here¬†&¬†here¬†| Rings & Lace Scarf via Aaraa Accessories {call to order 201-386-0101}| DVF Good Fortune Wallet Wristlet


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