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Tiffany Pinero Style Dress Warm for WinterThere’s more layers in this look than that trendy rainbow cake Blue Ivy had at her birthday party. Was I there? No… but you know I know things. There’s shearling, luxe knits, levels of leggings, I repeat, levels of leggings, and some shiny things for good measure because that’s how I do. OBVIOUSLY it’s freezing here and it really isn’t budging. Hibernating isn’t entirely possible nor is it any fun and I can understand when braving the harsh winds wanting to give up stuff yourself in a puffer and call it a day. BUUUUUT, you know I am going to make you strive for style excellence, you can be warm and stylish! You just have to layer with care.

The key pieces I am wearing in this post are actually all from my Fall Favorites video. So yeah to say they are going strong is an understatement. They are making what could otherwise be a dull ensemble, totes amaze. A black coat, black leggings and black boots are brought to LYYYYYFE {raises hands in air, PREACH!} with a bomb t-shirt, brilliant sparklers and FRINGE BABY, FAH-RINGE. Oh and for function a yummy chunky scarf. Just like the previous post, accessories are the game changer. Don’t let the thermometer become overwhelming, you can laugh in the face of old man winter just like I do. {see final photo 😉 }

Tiffany Pinero Style Mumu T Shirt


Tiffany Pinero Style Winter Outfit Inspiration

Tiffany Pinero Style Fashion Stylist NYC NJ

Tiffany Pinero Style Chunky Scarf

Outfit Details: Coat {now 68% off!!!}  Saks Off 5th | T-Shirt MUMU Graphic Tee via Two Heathers {201-683-6830} | Leggings {top layer}| Leggings underneath {secret weapon!}| Cozy Socks {that rock!}| Michael Kors “Regina” Boot {sold out} similar here | Rossella D Fringe Bag Marshalls | Chunky Scarf & Statement Necklace via Aaraa Accessories {201-386-0101} | Cluster Ring Tacori


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  1. PRETTY LADY! and love the fringe:)
    great to collaborate with you last week! hope to see your pretty face again soon! xoxox

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