“No one on the corner has swagga like us”…

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Pop that collar, roll up those cuffs and yeah, slip on those shades. Who’s hottter than you right now?!? Nobody. You have the denim, the graphic tee, and you indulged in those insanely over priced designer sunglasses all for this one moment- just add blazer. Now get yourself an entourage and a scandal (a talent) and you’re on your way to almost famous.



Model and Male Image Consultant Lawrence Bingham in a chic blazer look straight from his closet.



Like a ‘Clap On’ for the fashion scene, blazers have been heavily on and off the market in various phases since the beginning of the runway. So clap your hands twice and let that light shine because this look is in full swing for spring and fall 2009. There is a fantastic assortment out in stores, and even more to look forward to in the coming season. Frida Giannini, creative director for Gucci, inspired many with an intense display of sharp, smart and sexy sportswear in the Fall / Winter collection shown in Milan. Several of the shows best looks were styled with blazers while dripping with attitude. Below are some of the strongest pieces in the collection. Get inspired for spring and you’ll be a professional by fall.












If you can’t look to Gucci for instant swagger, who can you? 


This is by far one of the best and easiest ways to look up to date this season with out purchasing a whole new wardrobe. If you get a great blazer you can wear it several ways giving you countless options for fresh spring style. 


Here are some great blazers that are out in stores and on line right now:


urban-renewal-blazer2Oversized Navy Blazer, Urban Renewal at Urban Outfitters

 backBack View, www.urbanoutfitters.com


f211Men’s pinstriped blazer Forever 21, www.Forever21.com


The following can be found at www.WilliamRast.com, they have great blazers with the perfect amount of edginess for both men and women.


william-rast-white-blazerBone with Black Trim Blazer by William Rast 


oversized-bf-blazer1Oversized Boyfriend Blazer by William Rast


william-rast-navy-blazer   Asymmetrical One Button Blazer by William Rast


wr-navy-back        Back View

(This is one of *my faves* it’s a blazer and a military jacket fusioned into one! I love me some fusion 😉 )


No need to hate on the girls, they made one for the guys too.

(Be advised if you are in a couple, matching is not acceptable, ever.)


wr-mens-navy-militray-blazer    Men’s Military Blazer by William Rast


wr-mens-navy-bacck  Back View



wr-mens-white-blazer White Blazer with Bone Trim by William Rast


007Tuxedo Blazer with Satin Trim by William Rast

*This jacket is completely 007, stunt double not included




The previous suggestions were primarily of neutral colors that can go with a good portion of your wardrobe. If you’ve been there done that here are some new wave blazers that you can rock in hi def hues and styles.


pink-linen Magenta Linen Blazer


topshop-studded-blazer*Daily Double, last weeks fashion tip and this week’s in one!

Studded Blazer, www.topshop.com


nanettelepore1Nanette Lepore  Chambray “Oracle Jacket”,




    If that tax return is just burning a hole in your pocket, go for the gold- literallyin this Diane Von Furstenberg “Chefly” sequin number!




 “Frontier” Striped Blazer




 Polo Ralph Lauren Patchwork Madras Sport Coat



crinkle2Crinkle Blazer




 Knit Blazer with Military Buttons



As I said before blazers have been on and off the fashion scene since the beginning of the runway. Here are few classic blazer moments that inspired trendsetters everywhere.  



 Never letting you see them sweat, the boys of ‘Miami Vice’

made the blazer a must have in the 305 even in 90 degree weather.



Mr.Swagger himself the Fresh Prince donned the blazer

like no one else could at Bel Air Academy. 



 Although it’s “Outie” now, it was too cool for school then, Cher and Dionne showed us the early ways of sophisticated chic in plaid blazers and matching cell phones.


Don’t you just love the fashion cycle?!


A quick shout out to my cousin Stephen aka “Young Leno” (don’t ask) a true blazer aficionado. When it comes to styles he’s got several, sharper than a swagger, dagger or metal… 



I’m sure you’re completely blazed by now. If you haven’t worked one into your wardrobe, I hope you do. It’s a great piece that makes a statement and really pulls an ensemble together. Don’t be afraid to add your own personal style by cuffing the sleeves or pairing it with a top that you wouldn’t normally see with this kind of jacket. Let me know if it works out, or if you have any styling questions Tiffany@TiffanyReo.com.


Ciao for now,





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