#OOTD: Almost Spring Style


Okay, first off forgive the subpar photo quality! My husband snapped this i-phone pic when I saw a slightly well-lit, gorgeous, red door at the Summit House, after we ate there with some friends on Saturday night. {PS great food and drinks and even better company!} I had wanted to take photos of this look before we went to dinner but you have to be running early to do those kind of things. Insert laughing with tears face. Anyways, although it’s not magazine quality you get the picture- this is some serious outfit inspo to get you ready to transition into the next season. Spring are you a comin? We hope so!

If you are following along on instagram then you know I have a serious problem with Target. In the words of Run DMC not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good. Well, good for everything except my wallet but such is life. I had seen this sleeveless trench in there for a little bit and while I had always admired it, I didn’t think I really needed it because I needed 12 bathing suits instead. Perhaps 12 is an exaggeration but you understand what I am getting at. That bullseye has me whipped. I finally caved and bought it last week and thought with these temperatures that are slowly rising it would be the perfect piece to layer over some of my old favorites and make them feel fresh. BTW- this vest is actually sold as a dress- perfect for when the warm days hit! It fully buttons up and ties at the waist for an adorable look to be worn that way as well. S-C-O-R-E. {Link listed below}

Last spring and summer we saw the cropped flare working it’s way around the circuit. If you’re like me you are not a sucker for trendy denim. It’s probably the only genre of trend I don’t participate in. I think one too many bedazzled pairs were purchased in my high school days and then purged in my college days and since then I’ve said never again. But of course, never say never. Insert smiling devil face with horns. The jeans I am wearing in this photo are one of my favorite affordable brands Blank NYC, but they were full length flares I bought mega on sale and cut them. I figured this would be the most affordable and safest way to dabble in this trend and I love them! They feel current and welcome a sharp shoe moment. So bring on the crop flares!

Between the cool layering of the trench and the modern feeling flares they brought new life to a classic striped shirt and shoes I have had for over 3 years. A little werk from some new things can really help you remix the old while getting ready for what’s coming up ahead! Don’t forget that.


Outfit Details and Similar Suggestions:

Sleeveless Trench Dress $35

Bonus Trench Dress ya know, if you want options $15

Blue and White Stripe Shirt {old} Similar Here $25

and another shirt option Soft Stripe City Shirt $59

Cropped Flare Jean {not available} Similar Here $58

and another denim option! High Rise Crop Jean $63

Spotted Shoes {old} Similar Here $99

another option, Similar Leopard Flat Shoe $49

and another option, not leopard but super cute for spring/summer  Fringe Style $79 {love all three colors!}


So, are you feeling inspired and ready to transition into spring?  Let me know! You know how to find me  @TiffanyPineroStyle on instagram |@TPineroStyleon Twitter |\TiffanyPineroStyle on Facebook!

Hope this outfit has your style wheels turning  xx