Pack Light, Pack Right

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I came to the realization ‘something’s got to give’ when I was psychotically unpacking my cargo in front of the American Airlines bag check. I started shoving piles of heavy accessories in each of my brother’s not nearly as abundant suitcases because of course both of mine were overweight. Maybe over 10 pairs of shoes is unnecessary for a four day family trip… But we were going to Vegas, I had to look phenomenal! In retrospect, a sixteen year old in Las Vegas Nevada needed only a quarter of the items I brought. To my disappointment my homecoming cocktail dress was not one of them 🙁

Fast forward to present day and you would think my luggage was on Jenny Craig the way it maintains it’s new svelt status. Not only have I mastered the art of packing for any situation while keeping my A-list pieces in check, I have used the system of probability to create multiple looks while maximizing only what I have packed. This has become a defining moment! 

The “Pack Light, Pack Right” feature has become by far one of the most popular features I offer at 24 Karat Style. Women and men alike have expressed to me the stress that is entailed when traveling or vacationing and a majority of it stems from packing, and the rest… from flying! I don’t blame you there. With the new rules of the airlines, you so much as blink and you’ll be swiping your card for fees that could have earned you a first class seat. This feature not only keeps you from unnecessarily over packing, but everything you bring is styled, accessorized and photographed. This way you can upgrade that flight and soar right over the state of confusion landing as scheduled in the paradise of easy chic ensembles. 

Early this May I had a good time styling a fashionable friend of mine, Stacey, for an alumni weekend. Her situation was a dream to work with because the itinerary was pretty much set over three days and all we had to do was plug in the outfits. Tip when packing for travel, write out each day of your trip on paper and for each day write down what you will be doing or what you might be doing so you can plan a specific look for that occasion. 

A picture is worth a thousand more words than I can type so follow along as I packed and styled Stacey for her Alumni Affair.








Miss Thing had such a good time, she forgot to bring me back photos!!! You can’t really see her outfit in this one, but I think the smile says it all.



Miss Thing


Stacey’s ensembles came together so easily and were clean and stylish without being too over the top. Her personal clothing collection is a great reflection of her personality, easy going with surprise touches. Almost all of the pieces she wore came from her current wardrobe, she only ended up purchasing two things for this excursion, way to go recessionista!


How to get Stacey’s American Glam Style:

Vince sweater at Intermix

  Vince Sweater, ON SALE,

Nothing is more classic than a nautical inspired stripe sweater. It’s oversized silhouette gives it the edge to bring your wardrobe some instant flair.


Skull TShirt                                                                                                      

Skull T-Shirt,


QueenAuthentic Vintage Rock Tee,

In Stacey’s weekend look we opted for basic layering pieces instead of interesting tee’s, in order to make sure her accessories didn’t get over shadowed. Her actual wardrobe contains a good amount of interesting screen printed shirts that she can pair with almost anything to achieve easy going style.


Steve Madden Trusst


Steve Madden Trusst 1“Trust” Gladiator Platform Sandal,


One (semi-comfortable) pair of exciting shoes can make packing easier and dressing more fun. We planned Stacey’s two evening outfits around her favorite gladiator sandals that she loves not just for the look but for the level of comfort. (There is nothing worse than a girl who’s shoes are wearing her!) These platform sandals from Steve Madden have a solid wooden platform that really balances the weight on the foot while still giving height and playing up the gladiator trend.


Foley and Corrina

Foley + Corrina Bag,

Stacey is a huge Marc Jacob’s fan sporting her classic satchel for day and her vibrant mini messenger for her traveling. This Foley and Corrina bag does the work of two bags in one! You can throw it over your shoulder to get to access of all it’s room and use it as a fantastic tote. If you’d rather the messenger style. just fold the bag horizontally down the center and use the messenger strap to create your own cross body bag. 


love_web-218x423Love Quotes Scarf,



A great scarf can take a basic outfit and give it such style in an instant.  This Love Quotes scarf is only different because it does that and then some. In addition to the endless assortment of colors it is offered in, and it’s huge celebrity following, the best thing is 10% of net profits from Love Quotes scarves goes to International Children’s Charities. Tip a scarf like this is essential when traveling on a plane where you might need a blanket of some sort because you can’t control the temperature.


Okay I’ve shown you how to pack, officially, now jump on Expedia and book that trip! 😉

Ciao for now,



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  1. Honey, I thought I was insane for writing a list of daily outfits/accessories details when packing for a trip!! I’m glad I am doing things right.

    I loved this blog. Definitely information that is needed.

    • 24ktstyle

      Glad you liked it, you will have to let me know what you are packing when you come to NYC for Beyonce. Uh oH Uh Oh UH oH! 😉

  2. Jessica Perrotto

    Packing light, is packing right. Your soo right. Ive been traveling alot the past two years, and I try to make a list of what I apsolutely have to bring as far as my new stuff, and then I try to mix and match it and tie it together with the basic pieces I already have. That way I dont over due it in the suitcase. I still find packing shoes very hard :(.. Any ideas tiff with the shoes? I also saved a list of all of my must have things for vacation and that makes it an easy checklist for me that I pull out every time I go away and have to pack.

    • 24ktstyle

      I sooo hear you on that one Jess! It is so hard to pack light when it comes to the shoes because they can really “make” an outfit, so if you opted to leave a special pair out you don’t want to regret it. You’re checklist that you use every time you travel sounds like a great staple to keep you from stressing when you pack. The way I pack when it comes to the footwear is in a Tiffany Trifecta. I try to limit, especially shorter trips to 3 shoes or less… but lets be real less is almost impossible! I take a pair for day that are easy to get around in, flats, sandals, sneakers etc. a pair that if a good amount of walking is required, you’ll be ready. My second pair is usually a staple pair like a black or metallic pump that goes with the hand bag and accessories I brought and I can pair them with denim or a dress. My third pair is usually my flair pair, you know the pair that “are” the outfit. I mean if your on vacation you have to live it up! Depending on the season this maybe a colorful wedge or a great pair of boots. My best advice with the shoes is make it so the bulkiest pair you have, you wear to and from the airport so you don’t have to take up necessary room in your suitcase. Hope this helps! Let me know how the next trip goes 🙂