Pack Like A Pro: For The Long Haul

How to pack for a long trip Tiffany Pinero Style Vacation Packing

Even a ticket to paradise can have its “catch”. For some it may be packing, but now that you’ve stumbled upon this post, that can be one more hang-up you’ve avoided.  If you’ve been following me, you know I offer a styling service called Pack Light, Pack Right, where I help my clients plan their outfits cohesively with their vacation schedule. This may sound like a bit of an indulgence, and let’s call a spade a spade, it is. My whole job is 🙂 but this is also a very useful session for the person who wants to toe the line between bringing everything you need while leaving the kitchen sink, in the kitchen.

Recently I packed one of my biggest fans of this service {check the first time I provided this service for her here}, my friend Jenny, editor of the lifestyle site Hoboken Girl, for her 3 week European honeymoon. DAYUM girl. 3 weeks!!! She’s still there. Okay, let the jealousy fade as I explain how we packed 21 days of looks into one suitcase.

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In five simple steps you can achieve packing greatness. Check them out…

Pack Like A Stylist Tiffany Pinero Style_edited-1

So tell me, are you going somewhere fabulous to close out the summer? Do you find these tips helpful? Let me know on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!



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