Quarantine Creativity-Let’s Tie Dye!

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Like many scrolling through instagram I was enticed by quite a few ads for adorable lounge sets to feel cute around the house in while we do our part to stay home. I am not huge on lounge clothes. I either wear workout gear or I do full outfits, that’s just how I am. But even I, someone who loves to get dressed sees that a full lewk for 24/7 in the house with my toddler just isn’t worth it all the time. So I clicked away. Link after link. I’d add to cart only to find each outfit, many of them with adorable tie dye patterns, SOLD OUT. GONE. BYE BYE BYE.

What a tease! I know I ignored you before loungewear but now I see your purpose. Can’t you make an exception for me? Well, in late March many of my instafam started to feel the same way as I was. I was getting a lot of DM’s asking where people could find these cute sets. And I didn’t have a lot to offer. Then one of my friends asked me where she could get one and we started talking about making them ourselves. I ordered the supplies listed below for myself and sent the same things to my sister as an Easter present. I had no idea in the next few weeks so many people would be doing the same thing lol. Just like toilet paper these tie dye kits and white clothing have now become hard to find! We are all looking for ways to keep busy and this is giving us some new fashion at the same time!

Everything I used is listed below and I checked- it’s in stock so go for it!

HOW TO for the blue set:

First things first- there is no wrong way to tie dye.

My main tips would be, less is more. See what one technique does before over committing to it.

Randomness is nice because then anything goes.

I used a navy blue on the white first. I colored spots with rubber bands, let that soak in for a half hour and then I undid the rubber bands and rewrapped the pants getting other sections. I did this about 4 times until the pants we covered with random blotches.

Once the navy soaked in I took the pants and put them in a bowl. The bowl had a few squirts of a light blue wash and enough water to soak the pants. I covered the pants in this wash for a few minutes swirling it around making sure nothing was left white.

Once they were covered in the wash I squeezed out the excess water and laid them on an old towel to dry in the basement.

I then dyed the sweatshirt with the same technique. BUT because the sweatshirt was a thicker material than the pants and I wanted them to match I slowly dyed the sweatshirt making sure when I used more dye that it would match the pants.

Once they both were only lightly wet- about 4 hours after air drying, I put them in the dryer and the colors became really soft.

I noted below but I will say it here too- you don’t have to buy a new white set. You likely have plenty of things at home you can dye! This is a tried and true cozy time staple my Hoboken Girl sweatshirt. And being all grey I thought it was perfect to get an exciting makeover.

HOW TO grey sweatshirt:

This will likely work on any colored sweatshirt however I am not sure if the bleach wash will be as even on every item. This just worked out perfectly how it went from charcoal to heather grey so evenly.

For the bleach wash I put equal parts bleach and water in a bowl and soaked the sweatshirt evenly in it. {You might want to wear a mask the bleach gets overwhelming. But maybe you’re used to it with all this Covid cleaning haha}

I let it air dry.

Then I rolled the sweatshirt horizontally. I used rubber bands here and there and neatly did a random splotching design. I say neatly because I didn’t go crazy splattering it. A little squirt will absorb on to a lot of fabric.

I continued the horizontal roll with rubber bands but with the back facing out and then again with the long sleeves being the main thing I dyed.

As you go it’s easy to see where you might need a little more so if you go at it slowly you can build up. If you go full throttle from the jump it will be hard to dial it back and you might need some solid bleach to reset.

Once I got the desired look I let this air dry. Then I fully washed it and dried it to get this supple look.

Items You’ll Need:

Tulip One Step Kit this one is from Michael’s and is more expensive than the same one listed on Amazon BUT it depends on what you want. The Michael’s one is available now with a 20% off code and the Amazon one will deliver in 2 weeks ish. Check the links though! Amazon might have restocked.

Tulip One Step Tie Dye Kit Large from Michael’s {offers brights/ or neon I bought brights}

Tulip One Step Tie Dye Kit Large from Amazon {this is the brights}

The kits are great because they bring the bottles for percision design, rubber bands and gloves. But if you see in my pic if you get a little crazy with it the gloves can only protect so much. It’s 3 days later and my hands are almost back to a flesh tone haha.

Other Dye Options

One Step Kit in Black {under $8}

Rit Single Dye Navy Blue or 8 other colors

Wilton Mini Squeeze Bottles if you don’t buy a kit and have dye already

Rit Colorstay Fixative this is to keep dye from bleeding after you are done dyeing. I didn’t use this but for anyone with a specific design in mind this can come in handy!

White Clothes

Women’s 2 pack V neck Sweatshirts {this is what I used in my blue set}

White Joggers {these are the ones I used- the fabric differs from the sweatshirt a bit but once both are dyed they look pretty uniform.} These are pretty sheer as a white so I suggest you make sure the booty is covered in color lol.

3 Pack of Kids White Long Sleeves I’m making a matching shirt for Lumi so I bought these

I could go on and on listing white clothes, there’s a decent amount out there. But don’t forget to look through your own stuff. Black sweats can be reverse tie dyed with bleach as well as jewel tone pieces and other vibrant colors. White clothes that have a small stain can get new life with a tie dye process- get creative!

You will have to let me know if you create any new looks and show me your star student staus! Keep in touch on instagram @TiffanyPineroStyle and follow me on Liketoknow.it to easily shop my looks. xo

Full Disclosure* some of these links are affiliate links that give me a small percentage of the sale if you choose to buy the item. In using the links this allows for me to prioritize blogging and creating new content. Happy shopping and thanks for reading and supporting, always!