Quick Tips For A Fun and Fab Oscars Party


Last Year’s Academy Award Cookies by Sugar Suckle 


I don’t know about you but this was theee longest short week! Could be because I am battling a cold that won’t quit- two can play that game… kind of, or it could be the mix of four seasons in so many days, regardless I am ready to zone out and veg this weekend. The Oscars have so many major movie contenders this year and it is definitely, like everything else in life, a little more fun when you make a party out of it. And hell-o, talk about a theme! I’ll celebrate a broken-bone cast removal if it includes the glitz, the glam and the champagne!

Now, if I am being honest, when I lived in Hoboken this was super easy to coordinate and to get my friends to attend, as you’ll see in this post’s closing photo. This year’s party will be a bit smaller catering to me, George and Baxter. Burblife on a Sunday night is tough to get the crowd going. I totally understand, Monday waits for no one. So, whether you are able to get the whole gang together for a viewing party or you’re only entertaining the people {and little people} who live within your four walls there are lots of great ways to add some charm to your viewing festivities.


Make sure your bar cart is full!

Fruit garnishes, and a movie quote are perfect finishing details. More about this bar cart here.



Judgement day has come.

 Get my super easy tips on how to create these fun and funny judging stars here.



Whether you go all out Wolfgang Puck style with your menu or just do a little somethin’ somethin’- popcorn is a must!

I bought flavored popcorns from Trader Joe’s including a white cheddar, a cheddar cheese, caramel, chocolate drizzle and we made a homemade sea salt, olive oil and rosemary popcorn. I put them all out in these large buckets and made a serve yourself bar with these smaller bags. The girls loved it and it was super easy to coordinate and set up.


To make the night a little more entertaining, have Red Carpet Bingo ready for your guests. I am loving this one my girl Justine posted today.

LOL’ing at the “Obvious Plastic Surgery” square.



Oh, the dress code! You can use this as a fun excuse to throw on an old, fabulous dress that’s begging for a night out or you can rock your sweats with your favorite imitation diamonds- there are no rules, just have a good time with it! Clearly, Baxter is.


It may be too late to place an order with Sugar Suckle to get the beautiful treats in my opening photo- but here are a few DIY recipes if you have the courage and patience to try!

*To make sugar cookies of your own- check this recipe that uses a “mummy” cookie cutter to emulate and Oscars look!

*To make tuxedo strawberries- check this recipe to make your black tie affair top notch, and delectable!

I will be live tweeting the Oscars on Sunday night. If you have Twitter, join the conversation! Find me @TPineroStyle!