Quick Tips For Your Wardrobe To Start The New Year Successfully

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How To Purge-


First we purge then we fill in. If you’ve ever commuted on a train for work you know the rules- let the people getting off exit before new passengers try to get on. Does it always work? No. Because there is always a person or persons who decides to go against the crowd and create a clusterfu%k , when, if they just had a little patience- things could have gone very smoothly. This is how you have to be with your wardrobe in the New Year; don’t create a clusterfu%k.


I say it every turn of the New Year; I look forward to the proverbial fresh start. If you look forward to Monday for it’s reset value then you too, even if you won’t admit it are internally plotting to make 2018 your year. As you should! Every year we should get better if we apply ourselves. So let’s apply that to the wardrobe, shall we?



Just Try It On.


If you’ve ever seen the movie Spanglish {one of my faves} then you know what I am talking about. If not, literally- just try on your clothes. All of them. Haven’t worn something in a while? If it is hanging up in your closet you need to know if it will be a player for the upcoming year- try it on and know for sure. A few things may happen,

-You will be inspired and see you have a worthwhile piece you forgot about

-You will notice a stain and put this immediately in the dry cleaning/ laundry pile so it can be ready for action in the future

-You will remember the hem fell out of your left cuff and finally bring them to the tailor {I believe in you- you will get it to the tailor!}

-You will look at your reflection and say I would not wear this during a black out {donation pile please!} and if it’s really heinous or overly worn RECYCLE it. More info on that at the bottom of this post.



Trying things on helps you be 100% realistic about the items you own and also shows you the gaps you have so future shopping trips can have more of a focus. Example: Wow, I have a lot of high waist pants but I need shorter shirts to wear with them. Boom. Next shopping trip you are on a mission!




Flip or Flop.

You’ve been purging with savage standards, if you don’t look like a goddess/god in it, it’s on the chopping block. That leaves you with a pretty big pile of stuff to get rid of. And you start thinking, while yes some of this is certainly donation worthy, some of this has the tags on it because it never fit quite right or was a gift that wasn’t your taste and it definitely has value. And if you’re like me and got a hefty ticket for parking too close to the crosswalk {thanks Hoboken} you could use a little extra dough to fund your poor lack of special judgment or new clothes.


Here are a few ways to make some dinero for your threads.


  • Resell online via Poshmark {most fashion/ trend driven audience}
  • Resell online via Ebay {widest reach, international- all niches}
  • Resell luxury items via The Real Real {if your items are gently used and stylish you should fare well}
  • Resell through Buffalo Exchange {they also have buy and sell by mail}
  • Resell through Crossroads Trading {a good place to sell last season’s fast fashion}


I have used all of these methods and have gotten about 25-40% of what the item was originally worth. To better your sum go to one of these places with 10 items or list at least 10 items to make it worth your while.


Pro Tip– the stores, Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads buy in regards to season. Don’t lug a bunch of summer sandals while there is snow on the ground, they won’t be able to take it in.




And remember! Donations always come with a write off for your 2018 taxes so if nothing else, you’ll get that.




Perfect Timing-


Now that you’ve cleared the space it will feel like the perfect time to add in some essential items to your wardrobe. Not only are you organized and aware of what you have, which will assure you make some pretty smart purchases but the retail calendar is on your side. Many stores are getting ready for their first spring shipment at the beginning of February. Whether or not Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow we all know unless you have a vacation planned we will be rocking our cold weather garb well into April. So, scooping up some chic styles now will give you months of wear and have you set for next season as well if you score a great piece of outerwear or boots.




One thing that always makes me feel bad about my love for fashion is the consumption factor. Ignorance is bliss until you realize tons of landfills are full of clothing creating waste that decompose forming toxic chemicals polluting our environment.

“You see, all those baggy trousers and stained shirts in landfills don’t just lie there forever. They decompose. As they do, they release landfill gas, a toxic brew of air pollutants that includes the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and methane.” via Huffington Post Science


FACT: Americans recycle or donate only 15 percent of their used clothing, and the rest—about 10.5 million tons a year—goes into landfills, giving textiles one of the poorest recycling rates of any reusable material.


If you usually opt for throwing clothes away because it is easy, please consider donating gently worn items and for those that are worse for wear make sure to recycle them with groups like PlanetAid who has bins all around my area of New Jersey and 17 other states. There is also ATRS, American Textile Recycling Service operating in 10 US regions. If neither of these are in your area, google clothing recycling near me and see what pops up. If we each become a little more responsible we can make a big impact.


Hopefully these tips have you refreshed and motivated! Feel free to share your favorite tid bits with me on social media. You know how to find me  @TiffanyPineroStyle on instagram |@TPineroStyleon Twitter |\TiffanyPineroStyle on Facebook!


Have a great day! xx






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    This was so helpful! I always donate but I’m also guilty of throwing clothes away. Thanks for the info!! Love the post!