Ripe Stripes

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Peter Piper  picked a peck of pickled peppers.  

 A peck of pickled peppers  Peter Piper  picked.

Fresh for the picking and for Peter, stripes are the perfect pattern to paint your personal portrait with panache!

Designers didn’t reinvent the wheel when they practically placed (okay, I’ll stop)  this classic motif in and out of this spring’s hottest collections. However amongst all the excitement that is involved in the flirtatious dressing that is spring, stripes provide a calm that balances the bold and the beautiful.
Standing slim, some wide, others vertical, horizontal, diagonal, mesh, bedazzled and pin the variety available won’t just end up on your wish list they will motivate you to invite crisp clean style into your spring ensembles.


Check out some of the best styles from the runway.


emporio-armani-11Emporio Armani Spring 2009


emporio-armani-3Emporio Armani Spring 2009


emporio-armnai-41Emporio Armani Spring 2009


dg-suitD&G Spring 2009


dg-pants-11D&G Spring 2009


dg-all-stripesD&G Spring 2009


dg-manD&G Spring 2009


dg-man-3D&G Spring 2009


dg-man-4D&G Spring 2009


marc-jacobsMarc Jacobs Spring 2009


marc-jacobs-1Marc Jacobs Spring 2009


marc-jacobs-2Marc Jacobs Spring 2009


Stripes represent an easy going simplicity when added to an ensemble. You might already have some great stripe pieces in your wardrobe that you can put to work but if you feel the need to add something fresh, below are are few stylish stripes that might tickle your fancy.

(Each website featured has numerous intriguing stripe styles to add to your wardrobe, so take the time to check them out if you want to walk the line)


jcrew-menJ Crew Men’s Cotton Cashmere Cardigan,



varvatosJohn Varvatos slim silk tie,




Men’s Vespa Sprint Veloce,





Stripe Boatneck Dress,



racerbackFine Jersey Racerback Tank,


Taffy Stripe Maillot,


How to do it and do it well… 


Designer Isaac Mizrahi said it best when he said “One woman’s too much is another woman’s ‘basic black'”.

I am pretty sure people have donned a stripe or two without the need for a stylist. I would like to inspire you to take it to the next level, by mixing prints and patterns. It’s not for everyone but for those who dare to dream- or maybe just want to try a new style, there’s nothing more thrilling than mastering the art of mixing patterns and prints- at least that’s how it is in my world 😉

I generally hate rules because when you set them- in most cases in life people will disobey them for what ever the reason. Oddly enough when it comes to fashion people are petrified to break them! Coooome on, live a little. (You can catch me wearing white whenever I please and navy blue and black are star crossed lovers, they belong together!) There are no specific rules to mixing multiple patterns and / or prints but there is a general guide line so you don’t end up like a hot mess.

Size does matter.
When it comes to the motif that is. Here’s the idea, if you have a larger circle print, you can balance it with a medium sized animal print and finish it off with a thin pin stripe. It may sound over done- but those who can do this will stop traffic with their unique flair. This also enables you to maximize your wardrobe by wearing pieces in creative new ways.

Color Check.
In an effort to avoid the hot mess factor- a color that is repetitive in the printed pieces helps make the look cohesive. The easiest colors to make repeat appearances are neutrals, they pull everything together with out looking too matchy matchy- which is something you don’t want to be!

Below are  examples of how to mix stripes with patterns, safely and responsibly.

The Runway,

dries-van-noten-1Dries Van Noten Spring 2009


burberry-prosumBurberry Prorsum Spring 2009


The Realway,





Mika is sporting two fun and flirty ways to mix pattern and prints with her spring wardrobe. In the first photo I took her over sized pin striped blouse and belted it over her floral mini dress. Due to the fact the floral print is loose and large and the pin stripe is a tight structured print there is an easy balance. The textured double wrap belt accents the color of the florals with out being an obnoxious match. In the following photos we kicked it up a notch by adding a wider waist belt with a snakeskin print. This works because of the proportion of her garments but also because of the repetitive neutral backgrounds in each piece.








Megan’s look is for the more cautious dresser who can not fathom a ton of color and pattern. The mixing of a limited palette gives this look a fresh and yet sophisticated vibe. The prints compliment each other as they evolve from small structured to large and spacious. Even her clutch that is studded in straight lines is a fantastic addition because it takes a very sweet look and incorporates attitude. I finished her look off with *look at me* open toe sandals in a brilliant warm color to off set her noir style. 


Both Mika and Megan’s entire ensembles can be found at LF 5th Avenue located in the Flatiron District in New York City. For further information on featured items you can call 212-645-1334 or friend them on facebook “LFflatiron”.


There are so many fun ways to create looks with this technique. Hopefully you picked up a few pointers and you won’t complain you have nothing to wear because if you mix it up it’s something new! Feel free to send pics if you have a successful look or email me if you have any questions!


PS- The schedule for May’s style blog is already in action and it’s nothing short of fabulously informative, stay tuned!!! 🙂


Ciao for now,



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    Ms.Reo I adore this write up! I am so motivated for you to rejuvenate my wardrobe at the end of the month! I will try to mix and match “responsibly” until then 😉