Sensual and Sexy Gifts For Valentine’s Day

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love_you_greeting_card_i_WILL_ALWAYS-LOVE_YOUI Will Always Love You Card $5

Cover your eyes! Things are about to get a bit sexy on the blog. I know many are just not into Valentine’s Day- I am not one of them. I love this day because in the simplest explanation, I love love. Not just the having a man kind of love but great relationships all around that make you feel whole. However, for those that I love beyond my better half- I will spare you and not gift you the edible g-string. I’m thinking a thoughtful card will be juuuuuust fine 😉 .

Howevaaa, if you’ve been with your person for quite a while like I have, Valentine’s Day or even just anytime coming up is a good way to implement a sexy surprise. Girl, you are the gift! So wrap yourself up in something sheer and sensuous. Just writing sensuous makes this blog feel very 50 shades, very fast!

Take a gander at some of the prettiest pieces that will keep things saucy and a few PG rated gifts for everyone else in your life.


Clockwise from Top Left:

Rosaline Mesh Robe $48 | Meri Meri Paper Love Tokens $12 |  Heart Hexagon Tray $15 | Hanky Panky Lace Eye Mask {on sale!} $15 | Edible G-String $12 |  Jonathan Adler I Scream Vase $68 | Satin Chemise Night Slip $40 | Loved Lidded Box $25 | Kiss and Make-Up Wink Necklace $53 | CALM Dead Sea Soaking Salts $18 | Will You Accept This Rosé Compliment Card and Pin $14 | Maison Close Feather Fan $90

Let me tell you though, the edible underwear market is a sham and anyone who makes delectable desserts should capitalize on this. If eating 700 Smarties doesn’t sound like the beginning of something hot and heavy to you- then don’t read these reviews of the other edible underwear out there. I truly tried to research this subject to offer my readers the most aesthetically pleasing as well as enjoyable to the palette in this category and… well… just read this Complex mag article, appropriately filed in their style section Edible Underwear Taste Test and be thankful I don’t just share links without vetting them.

Soooo are you a smitten kitten or still feel like Valentine’s Day is for the birds?- you know the deal, share here: @TiffanyPineroStyle on instagram |@TPineroStyleon Twitter |\TiffanyPineroStyle on Facebook!