She’s Like The Wind

With the bday being part of the weekend’s activities while we were in magnifiqué Montreal, something swanky by way of clothing needed to happen. Originally in my packing I thought maybe I would just style up something from my current wardrobe, ya know, practice what I preach…   😉 However I have about half a dozen birthday’s in March, so in shopping for one of my best friends gifts, I did a “One for you, and one for me” and the one for me happened to be this electrifying chartreuse color BCBGeneration dress that beckoned me from across the store. I was in love, and before I even got to the register I had reassured myself that I would not only rock this for my birthday, but I would definitely be bringing it on our trip to Aruba this summer. There, already have two occasions to wear it and I hadn’t even reached home yet! So take a peek at my big girl birthday dress styled with my trusty, to-die-for Helmut Lang black blazer, Report Signature cutout sandals (from 2009!), one of my favorite oversized clutches in gold python from Anastasia’s Accessories in Hoboken and my nanny’s vintage bracelet.

{And a quick thank you to my amazing husband for taking these great photos which I refer to him as “Style Shots”, there is no one like you, you are the best!}

Umm you can thank me for not getting all Angelina on you with my slit…

Now that you’ve seen me in all my 27-year-old glory, a little bit about the highlight’s of March 18th. First and I say this in my most serious tone because loathing St Patrick’s Day and the buffoonery that comes with it is easy for me, we spent the day at Montreal’s St. Patrick’s Day parade and it was a great time. We hung out on Crescent Street and did a little bar hopping and shopping, I recommend that area for anyone planning a visit of their own. Two other great streets for shopping Saint Denis Street and Blvd St Laurent. A MUST on my list de Montreal… where we had my birthday dinner, Gibby’s. A restaurant nestled in vintage stone quarters in the heart of Old Montreal, I was swooning over the charm of this place! What’s better, oh just the stellar service, strong, I am talking drinks that can bench press, cocktails and the menu was unreal. We all were gushing over everything from the pickles and bacon on the table { you can question it, but you won’t deny them} the salad even started a conversation and our entrees were something you don’t forget. It was an excellent dining experience and the perfect way to toast another year with the ones I love, and Brittany’s boyfriend… just kidding Wheeler!

Gibby’s took this photo of us and gave it to me in a card, such a nice touch and a wonderful memory!

Thanks for joining me for a little more of our trip.


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  1. Just love the dress…you look beautiful…kiss my handsome cousin for me…xoxox…Happy Birthday!!!!! <3

  2. You look AMAZING! love the neon color!
    See you soon!

    XOX M

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