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Resilience. It is a word that makes you feel good. Automatically you understand there was adversity but in the end the one you were rooting for came out on top. That is what this new shopping space represents in the Oculus at One World Trade; the spirit of the strong.

Let me throw it back for a second- I had my heart set on moving to New York City since I was 10 years old and saw Beauty and the Beast on Broadway. That experience of the city that never sleeps, the energy, the excitement- it was a magnet to my soul. I felt I belonged here.  Unfortunately at the time, no one in my immediate family was willing to leave our calm life in upstate New York to relocate to Manhattan just because I wanted to. So, I made collages from magazine clippings of what my life would look like when I moved there. In the summer of 2001 I even entered a design your own denim contest for Contempo Casuals… remember them! I covered the jeans in mini {bejeweled and glittered!} homages to New York City’s iconic landmarks- the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Twin Towers. I placed silver sequins by hand and glued them in perfect lines to make the towers looked just right. I came in second place in the contest which gave its results in the first week of September. Personally, I remember how erie my tribute jeans felt as I heard the news of September 11, 2001. I was 16 and in high school when it happened. One thing I remember clear as day- I had work that afternoon, I worked at our local True Value hardware store {my parents wouldn’t allow me to have a job where I would spend all my money on clothes, so I was your local nuts and bolts dealer 😉 } the only customers we had that evening came in and bought American flags, I didn’t understand at first. But when it sunk in I made sure I bought a mini one for my car. United we stand, divided we fall. Although I didn’t live in the place I adored so much, I was hurting with them equally.

The summer of 2003 I fulfilled the dream and started living in New York City while I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology. It was then that I was given my first glimpse of ground zero. At that point- there was nothing there but a lot of fencing and construction vehicles, alternate routes to get to a few subway lines and the PATH but so much was closed. I frequented the area a lot because there is a great Century 21 across the street {a girl needs a designer bargain!}  and I would marvel as progress began on the rebuilding process.

Welcome to September 2016, almost 15 years since the September 11th attacks and all the subways are fully operating at this hub, One World Trade Center is a gleaming statue of strength and the Oculus is open for business.  Open for business as in commerce is happening and it’s in good taste. Which brings me to the reason for this new column! I will be enlightening you on great places to shop, simple as that. Being so close to New York City I felt it was only right to make my inaugural feature on a city shopping destination. So follow along as I take you *sings* Downnnnnntownnnnnn!




What you’ll find in this Westfield shopping center? Stores New Yorkers swear by like Cole Haan. We do a ton of walking and shoes that infuse Nike technology into them are a necessity!




The opulence that is 5th Avenue with a quirky West Village charm means Kate Spade had to represent in this amazing space. The store has signature pieces you love from the collection and an excellent gifting section if you happen to forget a co-workers birthday 😉


One of my favorite stores and my favorite guy 😉 REISS has a selection of styles that range from modern street style to posh professional for both men and women.










 Eataly now has a downtown location!!! This Italian marketplace created by Mario Batali is great for grazing, grocery shopping for authentic Italian Fare, wine tasting and having a memorable meal.


Sugarfina– a fresh and fashionable approach to candy. Famous for their rosé inspired candies. I put these on my mental list of gift ideas, they are so adorable.


The structure’s interior has become quite iconic, quite quickly with many snapping photos from all different perspectives.


WTC-Oculus-Downtown-NYC-Shopping- Outside

As beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. The unique and intriguing architecture is adding to the downtown city scape. Designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava the structure is to represent a Bird In Flight.



You can always hop on the PATH and take a quick 12 minute ride to my favorite place, Hoboken.


Looking to plan a trip? This top 10 list from Trip Advisor of hotels near One World Trade is spot on, check them out here.


Find a full list of stores and their hours here

Personally, is there any better time to plan a city adventure than in the fall? I am not coming up with any arguments as to why not. A little off the beaten path, this downtown area of the Westfield Shopping center is where it’s at. Annnd… I didn’t even touch on Brookfield Place which is in the same vicinity as the World Trade Center- which means, more shopping! A brand spanking new Saks has just opened there and the view of the Hudson River can be appreciated with a few cocktails with the slew of restaurants perched right on the waterfront. This area has also quickly become of a favorite of mine for unique art installations like last spring’s Swings interactive exhibition, as well.

So much to do and so much to buy! Whether you’re planning a staycation in the city or a vacation to the city or bad weather has you down- this indoor arena of style, dining and entertainment is a must experience.

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