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Don’t you love the pressure of a New Year? Hey, no big deal 2014 but all that nonsense that happened in ’13 I don’t want to see it again and I sure as heck don’t want to walk down the roads with all the obstacles for an encore. Well, we all feel it. The excitement of a reset button, the sudden surge of willpower to make the changes we’ve always wanted to make, the halo of energy that you are going to follow through this time. This year for me personally and here on the blog it is all about learning. Learning from our mistakes, and coming back better. Even the things I/we think we know, let’s master it. By Dec 31st 2014, I want my readers to be loaded with confidence that they know what they are doing when it comes to their wardrobe, that they believe it and it shows.

So in true Friday fashion I’ll start with the fellas. They say the success of achieving your goals is in the strategy. The small steps to the big picture. Below are four pretty basic initiatives that will start you on your way of having a wardrobe that will have you looking “put together” while taking a few risks {aka having fun} along the way. Like the quote above says, focus your energy on building the new, here are a few solid building blocks to get you started in style:

Style Resoltions For The Guys via Tiffany Pinero Style

All images via my Gentleman’s Style board on Pinterest

Gents, what other style resolutions are on your list? Let me know in the comments section.

Ladies, look out for your resolutions on Tuesday!


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  1. HNY GIRL!!!! Let’s definitely make sure 2014 is our year to get together more, PLEASE 😛

    come enter my giveaway today!


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