The Brandwagon: Body Binds

photography by: Mary Lai A series that I have been wanting to get moving on the blog makes its debut today, The Brandwagon. Having so much exposure to what is up and coming here in New York and beyond, I … Continued



If you look at the body as a blank canvas like I do, every day is a new opportunity to create art. If you have two kids, a dog and are running late to a meeting with half a bagel … Continued


Summer Work Essentials: Dresses

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It’s the star of the summer, the dress. The easy piece that needs little to be a crowd pleaser and it is everything when the heat and humidity aren’t going anywhere but up. The real challenge is how to take … Continued


Summer Work Essentials: Suits

If you aren’t hearing echoes of Rupaul in your head, worrrrk, cover girl, you better work it girl, do. your. thing. on. the. runway. Maybe it’s because walking to the xerox machine some how doesn’t feel like a runway these … Continued


Leather On Leather

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The first pair of badass bottoms have made their way into my wardrobe. { Paige Paloma I’m coming for you next, insert devilish laugh} Free People’s vegan leather skinny pants had a fit that won’t quit, a feel that was … Continued


Passion Flowers

Today the short story continues, possibly qualifying to be the longest, and in lieu of a popular beach read, things get steamy. I left out one look from my Caribbean couture that works perfectly with what we were discussing on … Continued


Knock Out Neon

Unless you live under a rock or have really dark lenses, you might not have seen or heard that neon is kind of a big deal as far as Spring and Summer style are concerned. If all your senses are … Continued

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