This Jacket Is Da Bomb

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tiffany-pinero-fashion-stylist-nyc-whats-trending-for-summer-bomber-jacketsPhotography by Erin Quigley 

I’m so cool checking my cell phone 

So, the more you develop your style the more you realize it’s about the whole package. Creating a great look isn’t because you have an unlimited budget and can go head-to-toe Valentino all day, erryday. It is because you have a good supply to rely on. Like say- when you need a jacket for a summer ensemble… what’s a girl to wear? Granted the hot days will more than likely out weigh the cool ones, when the time calls for it; you can be a cool one in a bomber jacket. This silhouette es en fuego! Move over leather jacket- this sporty meets street shape is the newest way to say “ain’t nobody fresher” without making a peep.

Toss the revived retro style over a dress for an edgy juxtaposition, add life to a classic tee and jeans, or make a wayyy too saucy bodysuit like I was wearing above, PG-13 😉  There are tons of options out, below are my faves that hit the design and price point in all the right ways.

*Note my jacket is from Forever21 and was $32 but is no longer available online. You might be able to still find it in-store!



{Left to Right by row}

Row 1: Faux Suede Blush Bomber $84 | Petite Bomber Jacket $27 | Cassidy Bomber Jacket with Lacing $118 | Row 2: Shorty Bomber $79 | Mural Smooth Bomber $74 | Row 3: Diamond Airtext Bomber $110 | Short Silky Bomber {avail in 3 colors} $45 | Matte and Shine Bomber $95

If any of these are a sure-fire winner for you- make sure you share your style when you get it. I definitely want to see, share here: @TiffanyPineroStyle on instagram |@TPineroStyle on Twitter | \TiffanyPineroStyleon Facebook!