Traditional with a Twist- Baby Girl Nursery

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Having space is such a big deal. When it comes to city dwellers who live in condos and apartments yes, the location makes it all worth it but there are other components that can be hard to hurdle.  As someone who lived 13 years of her adult life in an apartment and likes to hold on to lots of things {mainly in my crafting closet! Oh and my regular closet! } it’s not always easy. And if you add giving up your guest room to turn it into a nursery… well, that can certainly pose as a challenge.

You may be aware of the lovely Justine Santaniello, lifestyle expert making her way into your homes on some of your favorite lifestyle shows and on QVC or you may have caught me posting about her since she is one of my long-time clients! We’ve been working together for almost four years now. I have styled everything from her branding photo shoots, to her ensembles for tv appearances, her vacation style, her moms house, Hi Mindy!, personal shopped for her sister, Hi Sara!, styled her new Brooklyn apartment and the final piece of that pie now, the nursery or as I like to call it the bébé suite {a la Franck of Father of the Bride II}. It is such a blessing to have a relationship like this with a client not only because they feel like a close friend but also because I truly know the core of her aesthetic preferences and it tends to make anything design related a bit easier. I love that things can be easier at times which ultimately makes the process more efficient, in turn leaving an opportunity to come up some fun and funky surprises.

Where to begin!? We slowly but surely were virtually working on this space since September. I created four themed spaces with complete mockups of the furniture, color palettes and little details that encompassed the vibe. That was probably the hardest part narrowing it down to one because each was different and exciting in its own right. Ultimately Justine decided on a room that was in many ways pretty traditional which is pretty untraditional for her. Her requests were that it feel cozy, have a few elements that were a touch edgy and whimsical like the rest of their apartment and most importantly that it be functional. The space I was redesigning was their guest room and it really needed to be multifunctional not only having everything the baby needs but also it needed a sleeping space for when family came to help with this little Princess.

I was up for the challenge!!! I started with the crib knowing it was something that was imperative for the room. I wanted to get the measurements for that and see how much room I had left to work with. I found one in a natural wood color that at certain times when the light hits, it looks blush and is a convertible so it will last them for years to come as the baby grows up. Then came the couch. This is what I felt was the most difficult piece {until I found it, and once I did smooth sailing!} I was so worried that having a couch would crowd the space. But a twin sleeper is what I found and it works so well to meet the requirements of not overwhelming the room while also being in theme with the decor and comfortable! Once those main pieces were chosen the rest started to flow nicely.






Because the room was more on the traditional side I knew the art work and visual elements had to be a bit more energetic to be true to Justine’s personal style. When I first started conceptualizing the space I knew the small wall would be a great place for floating shelves to have some mini sculptures and to keep books and other nick knacks. I was looking for ways to tie in the whimsy and thought painting some dots on the wall would deliver the feeling. They did! And I was very grateful that Justine trusted the vision completely. I think it adds so much to the room. The art work was the other major component that took a lot to get right. One piece above the crib was what I felt worked best so it was kind of stressful to figure out what it would be. After a few rounds of going through many different kinds of art, I showed her this piece that looks like a Jeff Koons {one of my favorite artists!} photograph but it is actually a drawing. This was the winner. I had it framed in acrylic locally at The Artist Framer in Cranford, New Jersey and when the piece came in I almost cried. I LOVED the way it looked and I knew it was going to be the centerpiece of this beautiful, Brooklyn, baby oasis.











After the months of coordinating, ordering and acquiring early in January we took one day and remade the whole room with the help of an amazing handyman. And 3 1/2 weeks later, little Miss Parker B. arrived!

Justine, you have looked good in many of the things I have styled you in but this is by far your best look to date! Thank you so much for the opportunity to create this space for your baby girl and for always believing in my talent. Your trust means more than you know.

Congratulations to you and Dan! I can’t wait to play dress up with P.





Details: Chair and Half Twin Sleeper | Original Crib is sold out a similar look here | Original Dresser is sold out a similar look here  | Original Chandelier is sold out a similar look hereFaux Animal Hide Rug | Original Jute Area Rug is sold out a similar look here | 24″ Floating Shelves | Hip Hop Books




It would be hard to write this post without addressing the balloon dog in the room. Figuratively and literally. When I started working on this project my mom and close friends asked me if it would be hard because I have struggled with infertility for so long. It was funny, I never thought it would be hard because this is my job and also a great client who I want to make so happy. But what I never thought I would feel is closure. After a rough few years of everything I experienced in my own struggle, creating this beautiful space and giving one of my favorite ideas I had been holding in my back pocket for my future nursery {the balloon dog} to one of my favorite clients, made me feel very free. And in an odd way, strong. When the time is right I will design my own nursery and I will have a new idea but I was so happy with the way this came out that I am glad I didn’t hold anything back. To my girls in the struggle, feel your feelings and then keep it moving. There is too much greatness in this life to miss out on staying sad for too long. And when you keep it moving… hopefully there is something better further down the road <3


I hope you enjoyed checking out this room in detail. Wanna chat more? You know how to find me  @TiffanyPineroStyle on instagram |@TPineroStyleon Twitter |\TiffanyPineroStyle on Facebook!

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