Vacation Dairy: Grand Cayman Part II


Grand Cayman Part 2


Cue the island guitar. Part II of the vacation diary should mainly be how I was simply infatuated with the Caribbean water. We’ve been to Aruba and Santorini and the Jersey Shore 😉 and although the ocean water is pretty amazing this had us just in awe. Perhaps it was the lack of seeing, what felt like untouched waters, for a while or maybe it was because this was all we had on our to do list. Swim, sun, selfie, repeat. We brought a selfie stick because… duh. And it came in super handy and sparked endless conversations between the two of us of why didn’t we invent it first. Coulda, shoulda, Prada.

This is *the selfie stick* we used and it was clutch . While we were water wandering, I swam into some snorkelers who told me where we had set up shop, Governor’s Beach, was the perfect area to spot some under the sea creatures. So if you’re into that kind of thing {which my husband so is not}  haha ,now you know where to go.
Aside from fully living hakuna matata, this was a great time for me to try out my crop top set I had my talented friend make me for spring. A couple weeks back I had instagrammed a photo of a pile of fabric {from Elegant Fabrics in NYC}. Well this friend, Jessica of Ena’s Bazaar took that fabric and created this masterpiece that you’ll be seeing a lot more of this spring. AND if you want to get your hands on something similar, you can place and order for a skirt in the available fabrics shown below, for $80!!! Can we all channel our innner Oscar de la Renta-ness for less than $100 now… yes we can! In the words of Bruno Mars, “Girls, hit  your hallelujah”.
Well, I hope you had fun getting a peek at our trip and my vacation style. Just in time for things to warm up at home where hopefully we can be rocking these looks sooner than later!


Tiffany Pinero Fashion Stylist Vacation Style Crop Top Skirt Set


Matching Fashion Set Crop Top and Skirt Palm Print Pink

Summer Vacation Fashion Style

This is actaully a fabric {reusable} gift bag from Aaraa Accessories $22, that I thought made an excellent evening bag for island life!

Fabric Options Enas Bazaar Custom Skirt _edited-1Fabric Options for Custom Skirt | email and tell her I sent ya! 😉



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