Vacation Diary: Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman mood board_edited-1

Well, the weather outside is frightful! But I am all out of complaints and choose to only focus on the positive and the good news is, although it has been a tough winter, spring has to come eventually. So while you patiently wait like you’re in line behind an intern at Starbuck’s who is giving the entire office coffee order {so yeah, you’ve got time} I thought I’d share a bit of my vacation diary from our quick trip to Grand Cayman.

This was actually a scheduled work trip for my husband but you better believe I was all like, hey me too!when I heard he would be heading to the Caribbean during this heinous weather. I too had work to do but thankfully I could do that remotely while I chilled or, well, actually sweated in the beaming sun. It was so great and so welcomed. I’ll admit we didn’t do a ton while we there because it was only a 4 day trip and with my travel companion at his office for a good amount of time I didn’t want to go parasailing alone… I mean, who would take my picture? ;) We did take in the natural beauty, stunning sandy beaches that felt untouched, like velvet and ocean water that would make aquamarine gemstones look like second fiddle. We also ate and drank, and lawwwwd was the food fresh! I leaned towards fish options the whole time because they were oh-so good. Including the famous fish tacos from the Sunshine Grill! I will definitely fill you in on some of the other great things we discovered in my follow up to this post, but for now, on to the fashion!

Below was a day to night look I wore while we went for a walk around the area, that turned into getting some random drinks and a sunset stroll on the beach. These are pieces that will set your spring wardrobe up strong because they are great on their own but also {as you can see :-D } super cute when paired together. The updated chambray is just what my wardrobe needed with it’s touch of romance due to the floral lace cut outs and who can argue with shorts that are in full bloom?! NO ONE, that’s who. I finished things off with footwear that went with everything last summer and are already proving themselves for Spring ’15 and my piece de résistance, a beautiful new bucket bag in an elegant shade of cognac. I’ve been gushing about this bag on my instagram quite a bit if you missed it! Everything about it is exquisite, right down to the lining. It was a bit of an investment purchase but due to its wonderful functionality with its crossbody strap, no scratch leather and surprising amount of storage space, carrying this around for the trip made me feel like I made an excellent choice {and I am so happy got it early because there is a limited quantity available.}


Tiffany Pinero Style Vacation Outfit Anthropologie

Michael Kors Collection Bucket Bag Spring 2015

Tiffany Pinero Vacation Style Details_edited-1

Vacation Style Accessories Stackable Rings Aaraa Hoboken

Spring Style Floral Print Shorts Vacation Outfit Inspiration

Outfit Details:

Lace Cut Chambray Top | Floral Print Shorts | Michael Kors Collection Bag | Aaraa Accessories Rings | Steve Madden Sandals {old} similar here & here

I know it may seem like spring is forever and a day away but hopefully this post & a little retail therapy can cure you’re seasonal affective disorder. OH! and if you missed yesterday’s post, check it out & make sure you enter the contest!!!


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  1. I love everything about this. I might just purchase the same outfit! I can’t help myself! Thank you as always for the style-spiration:)

  2. beautiful shots!! lucky lady! welcome back to SNOW! UGH! Can’t wait to see you soon! XO

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