White Line

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Cross over baby! It’s the dead of summer and nothing screams I’d rather be sun bathing on the French Riviera than luscious white on white apparel. You know it’s true. When you pull out those rusty lawn chairs and lug them down to Central Park or perhaps you are hanging out at your neighbor’s blow up pool, that you once filled with Jell-O … but that’s a whole other story- I’m sure you were completely uninspired to put on your summers best. Set aside the Juicy tube dress. I’m here to motivate! You still have six weeks to sprinkle some luxury into that wardrobe with a couple easy pieces. Set yourself apart while embodying easy chic style all with one hue.



How to:

In my summer ‘o styling I’ve found that a good number of my clients want to try luxe white looks but are struggling on how to pull it off. Start with the basics- fit. If black and white are opposites and black is slimming…
White can be your worst enemy, if size and shape are not taken into consideration. Find pieces that don’t just work, they fit. You don’t get a lot of forgiveness with lighter colors, so if your actual size is a little snug in a pair of white pants, go up a size. It’s not the end of the world, and you will be perceived as looking smaller! 

Raise the stakes. Make it interesting. Use different textures to develop a more luxurious style. A sheer white top is a nice airy balance to a medium weight crinkled linen pant. One of my all time favorite textured white looks for the ladies is white eyelet…. well, anything! Skirts, dresses, tops all gorgeous.(Exhibit A) For guys white blazers and ascots/ light weight scarves are the epitome of sharp summer sophistication. (Exhibit B)


Exhibit A: Halle Berry and Kim Kardashian sporting goddess like white eyelet ensembles.



Exhibit B: Brad Pitt  (in the left photo) although not entirely in white, but a lighter color shows how wearing an ascot is very becoming.

Ladies you’re welcome for the bonus pic.




Where to:

The best place to wear an all white ensemble is to Diddy’s white party in the hampton’s. If for some reason your invitation got lost in the mail because you just moved- it’s okay same thing happened to me- any casual celebratory summer affair is appropriate to try this monochromatic match up. Better yet, throw your own white party! Good, I’m gad that’s settled 🙂


White Done Right (in real life)

I’m a sucker for an accent- an accent of color that is. Breaking up an all white ensemble with a neutral or metallic accessory is always a way to add interest while drawing the eye in to your best features. You can also take it to the next level by adding an electrifying dash of brightness. Check out how we dress Lizz and make her snap crackle and pOp!


The Black and White Effect:

Scarf1        Scarf2        Scarf3


Blacks and grays coordinate well with whites and add the perfect level of interest without over shadowing the white base. 



If you still want to punch it up a notch… check out this blue light special,











There is no better time to shop for white apparel and accessories than right now. With just weeks before fall deliveries hit stores, (and some stores already receiving their pre-fall) retailers are drastically cutting prices on summer inventory to make room for the new goods. So take advantage and shop smart! Even that high end white bag might be somewhere within your reach now that summer sale season is upon us! Below are a few great pieces that are white hot right now. 


Beyonce shows us how its done



A white blazer/jacket is surely a statement maker and something worth investing in. 



White jacket by Vivienne Westwood , www.revolveclothing.com

thomas masonMen’s Classic White Washed Fabric Shirt, Thomas Mason for JCrew, www.Jcrew.com


C&C White PantMen’s White Beach Pant, www.C&CCalifornia.com


watchLadies Michael Kors White Chronograph Watch, www.MichaelKors.com




Maybe now you’re inspired?! Let’s hope. You’ve still got a lot of summer to celebrate and it’s time to refresh your look! 


Ciao for Now,