Wild One

To quote LMFAO “This is how I roll, animal print pants, outta control.” Today’s style inspiration comes by way of a late bday gift… which are the best because you forgot and then all the sudden, bonus! My cousin Daniella, aka my older sis, and mother of two gorgeous bambini’s clearly hasn’t lost her touch. She sent me the Guess Brittney skinny in leopard. I actually hadn’t dabbled in the printed denim trend at all, so this was a welcomed gift {Let me be clear though, all gifts are always welcomed 😉 }. I must say the fit on these jeans is great with a slightly higher rise, the perfect amount of stretch and the washed/aged print was just the right leopard. {Gotta be careful with your leopards some come across so juvenile or aren’t the right colors and look cheap} Since I was only hanging around my neighborhood on a Saturday afternoon I went easy with the styling balancing the print with neutral tones. An easy black top, my current obsession du jour Calvin Klein suede stilettos in sand {I also got them in royal blue, they are BEYOND comfortable} a couple key accessories like my trusty Gucci hobo, and some of my favorite bracelets.

Clearly I have  some thighs on me, but I have to say I think this trend isn’t only for the stick thin. If you style it right and pair your print with slimming pieces like a dark top and heels for some height I think we can all wiggle, wiggle, wiggle in a chic and sexy pair.


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  1. Those pants — Meeeeeowww. Love them!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. Great pants but even better shoes! Love!

  3. more like SUPER HOT ONE!
    loving these photos! really awesome pics!!
    and even MORE awesome was last night with you!
    gotta link our posts together when they go up! hopefully soon for me (but we both are busy girls so just as soon as possible! ugh) and drinks SOONER than possible ! With Stace! 🙂
    Thanks again for last night!


  4. love ur bracelets tiff, where did u get them from? i have been looking for side cross bracelets and cant seem to find one that i really like.


  5. THANKS MUCHO chicas! Seriously so sweet, thanks for reading!
    @Cat my bracelet is from ASOS.com I just posted the link on your Facebook page. I love it, I wear it almost daily!

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